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1 dead, several injured by blasts in China's Xinjiang region

2008-08-09 17:39:05

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Reply to CBC Commentary:

HomeInHali, interesting observation but why do you blame all Muslims for the action of a small minority? I am a Muslim and I've never harmed or killed anyone, yet your stereotype labels me as being connected to the actions you are blaming all Muslims for.

There are over 100,000,000 Chinese Muslims in China. I have visited Beijing and Muslims in Beijing have integrated harmoniously and peacefully into Chinese society. Do you know there are Mosques and Halal restaurants all over the city and that China and Islam have a good track record?

This is just anti-Islamic bashing it appears. The Bhuddhists in Tibet have been violently uprising against China for a long time lead by the Dhalai Lama but unless it is Muslims involved in violence people won't blame them, yet I won't use this to attack Bhuddhism, it has nothing to do with their religion.

I am upset at what is happening in Xinjiang and just like Tibet I think there wouldn't be any problem if people would stop trying to play political games and disrupt the peace and harmony in China. Elsewhere in China, Muslims live harmoniously in Chinese society, because they aren't trying to break away from China like Tibet or Taiwan.

One other thing is that a lot of people make it sound like Muslims are generally mistreated by China, but after visiting and declaring I was a Chinese Muslim on the immigration form we had no trouble from the Chinese authorities or government. Try passing through the American border and say you are a Muslim, even though I am a Canadian citizen (with no criminal record) I was harassed by the American government.

Another difference I should highlight, is that unlike in Xinjiang and Tibet, Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan were attacked and tortured by the US and UK, and I mean civilians included. I was born and raised in Canada so none of that affects me, but HomeInHali, would you like it if I blamed you and your family for trying to protect themselves if their land was being taken away and your family members were being raped, tortured and killed for no reason?

As a Muslim I would like nothing more than to see peace and harmony throughout the world regardless of race or religion, and this is what our Qur'an teaches us. It's only when extremists try to use religion for their political means and other nations oppress and harm people when things get ugly, and as always the victims are blamed as being the bad guy.

Full Article:

1 dead, several injured by blasts in China's Xinjiang region

Last Updated: Saturday, August 9, 2008 | 7:16 PM ET Comments3Recommend4

Several explosions rocked a county in western China on Sunday, killing at least one person and seriously injuring several others, a hospital official and state media said.

The early morning blasts occurred in Kuqa county in the south of the Muslim region of Xinjiang, said a woman who was on duty at the emergency unit of the Kuqa People's Hospital.

"There were several explosions in several places in the county seat of Kuqa this morning and we heard them from the hospital," said the woman, who would only give her last name, Tian.

One man was confirmed dead upon arrival at the hospital while several other people were in critical condition, Tian said.

The official Xinhua news agency cited witnesses as saying they saw flashes of fire and heard gunshots following the explosions, which took place between 3:20 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. local time.

Xinhua said local military sources confirmed the incident and said they have deployed forces to the area, while police have sealed off the area where the explosions occurred.

Already normally tight security in Xinjiang was increased after assailants killed 16 border police and wounded 16 others in the city of Kashgar on Monday when they rammed a stolen truck into the group before tossing homemade bombs and stabbing some of the victims.

The explosions also come after an Islamic group seeking independence for Xinjiang province threatened Thursday to attack buses, trains and planes during the two-week Olympic competition.


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