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American Intolerance For Islam

2005-05-12 06:40:00
I went through an interesting experience on a forum that I enjoy reading through about my favorite car. This is the same day I read that Islamophobia is on the rise in America.

(see http://www.cbc.ca/cp/world/050511/w051194.html)

I went through a forum where someone survived a horrific crash and actually walked away. Eventually people mentioned god must have intervened and a few people disagreed but there was no real hostility. However, one person mentioned they were a muslim and did make a slightly offensive comment (in the sense that someone would be stupid to think Allah had not intervened) and immediately many people rushed and overreacted to attack Islam.

I responded to this most offensive comment as it is the duty of each Muslim to send the message and speak up especially when someone belittles Islam.


This is the kind of twisted reasoning that makes it so easy for muslims to strap bombs to themselves and go kill innocent people: "Its all part of God's plan". "Its written in the book", "It is the way things are made to happen". Yeah, kill women and children and go to heaven sleep with 12 virgins and drink wine all day, right? I should convert and become a worthless bum; if everything is in gods plan then it must mean I don't have to do any work; things will just come to me.
I think I am not alone in kindly requesting that you take your religious ramblings to the OT board before you annoy a lot of people in this board. I can't believe the moderators let this slide.

My response:


Hello powerlabs,

I am a muslim on a Jihad (Holy War) now to educate powerlabs so please allow me to defend my religion

I wouldn't say you are innocent for your comments, but that's no reason to kill you, at least yet . In all seriousness violence is only allowed in self-defence so as long as you don't pull a gun I'll stay calm

What powerlabs has said could not be further from the truth. The "book" (Qur'an) you refer to does not condone any unjust act especially violence against innocent people.

I did convert to Islam 1 year ago and I am still not a worthless bum, I've actually met with much success. You are right that everything is in god's plan, but we have freewill and as a muslim I've worked hard for everything I have, we only get what we earn or deserve through our actions (in my case hard work).

Flame away but I suggest you do your research about things you do not know.

No one condemened anti-Islamic comments made by the original poster but when I defended Islam here is what happened:


Ummm, no, no it's not. Jihad is not your duty in this thread; it does not exist for the purpose of you converting everyone to Islam and your chosen belief system. It's attitudes like that which contribute to the religion-based wars and hatred we've seen all over the planet all through history.

Listen, I am loathe to get back into the whole religion debate in this thread. We have lots of threads on this in PP, and we covered it in this thread a couple pages back. But stigc8, you dug up Powerlabs quote from two months ago (#643), and he might not still be paying attention to this, so I wanted to chime in quickly. I originally broached the religion aspect in response to an earlier poster, who basically said "anyone who can look at Bongmaster's story and not see god's hand in it must be an idiot." That, to me, was offensive, and I called the guy on it. We went round and round on religion a bit and eventually got back on course.

This thread is not about anyone's beliefs, or for one side to try and "save" the other. Bongmaster has an amazing story, and it's one thing to say "wow, what a story, subys are awesome, what a great car, god was watching out for you," whatever. But it is entirely another thing to declare a "jihad" in here or call other people idiots for not believing the same myth you believe. If atheists speak up when religionists pull this, don't get all pissy with us. If people would stop trying to force their religion on others, we wouldn't have these problems.

Like I said, I hate to speak of this again in this thread, but since you dragged it up, I had to chip in for the other side. Now, can we just stay on topic of what a lucky dude Bongmaster is?


Originally Posted by MBREX02
It is amazing how many Americans take such an negative and ignorant view of Islam. I have friends who are muslims and friends who are christian. My christian friends do not ever seem to want to sit down and talk about other religions, while my muslim friend seem willing to educate themselves about the beliefs of others. My muslim friends also do not pester me about not going to church or joining a particular church. Don't believe all of the BS that you hear about Muslims everyone. If you do you are only proving how much of a dumbass that you are.

Riiiight... and yet here we have the muslim declaring jihad. That doesn't qualify as "pestering?" I don't have an especially negative OR positive view of Islam. I have a negative view of all religion in general, but as far as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, whatever, they are all just myths so I don't care one way or the other. As I said, the problem is when any individual, regardless of what belief system he subscribes to, comes in preaching and disrespecting others and declaring jihad. This board (other than maybe PP) is not the place for that. People are never going to agree on this, but so many people that have the religion (whichever one they choose) feel it is their duty to save or convert everyone else. That's just arrogant and offensive. If people want to debate this, c'mon down to PP and start a thread.

Long live Bongmaster....

I then responded with:


Hello Lunajett,

Really, I find your uneducated or lack of reading amusing.

For explaining that I am not a terrorist I have to apologize for correcting the hateful words of someone (didn't know there was a 2 month limit on responding to hateful posts ?

How did I try to force my beliefs/religion on anyone or insult them? Does the comment of one person or actions of others on this board represent me? Would you not have a right to defend yourself if someone slandered your religion (if you have one-no pun intended)?

Did I call anyone a moron for not believing in my what I believe? No, and the person who did make it apologized, not that the comment had anything to do with religion (the evil word you hate so much).

What I think was most offensive are the hateful comments made about my religion and just as you feel the right to defend your beliefs, so do I.

As soon as I said the buzzword "jihad" you instantly branded me an evil person. I explained what it was (the word Holy War does not mean I'm going to kill anyone-which was explained, the purpose of the post was to explain the truth to people and that was Jihad).

This is not forcing my beliefs on anyone but if anyone speaks non-sense about my religion I will correct them on it, just as you would probably correct someone who speaks non-sense about you.


Hello Lunajett,

I did not disrespect you or anyone, I believe I have shown nothing but respect for the hateful words I defended myself against. I believe that you have prejudged me based on two words "Islam" and "Jihad" which you have branded as being synonymous with violence and intolerence which is the very opposite of the truth.

You are welcome to hold your views of religion, just as I am (or so I hope you think).....I have not put you down for your views or insulted you for them, it is quite the opposite here in this case and I will still show you respect despite your kind words

If you say this board is not for me to defend myself against lies and hateful posts then you equally should not have the right to complain about posts or post your own views of anything by that logic

You instantly assume Jihad to be a bad thing and I also explained it was not related to any violence. At this moment I am on the great Jihad, there is the word again . The Jihad I am on is war against the lies being told about my religion (it is my duty to explain the truth wherever someone slanders religion), there will be a war of words whenever anyone lies and speaks non-sense which I will fight with words and the truth (hope that isn't disrespectful or forcing too much on you). Believe what you like, that is ok and I will not pester you for it, but I will respond to any pestering or bigotry with the truth of any lies told
--there I go with the forcing and disrespecting again

If you would like to distort my well intended, truthful explanations and attempt at humor then feel free to but do not be a hypocrite about it my friend.

So far the original posters have not replied but one more comment was made for me to stop posting.


Religious people:

Start a thread in the OT Political discussion forum and leave this one as a proper shrine to an amazing event.


To make sure I didn't clutter the forum anymore than necessary I sent a private message to the poster:

Originally Posted by stigc8
Hello ButtDyno

I am not trying to start a debate in this thread. Things were fine with people mentioning religion and god until one person mentioned Islam (which was not me). I'm just correcting and defending myself against the very hateful words of a few people.

Thanks for your understanding.

The response

I don't think you understand.

I don't care.

If people can't resist the urge to "correct" others about religion (something that it's very easy to just flat NOT agree on) the thread will keep devolving.

Suck it up.

I must say that my experience with Americans especially has been anti-Islamic and it is evident in even forums that intolerence in general and anti-Islamic rhetoric is likely deep-rooted in much of American society. The good side is that there are also a few people who clearly are educated and do not agree, I have to wonder if it is also a 49/51 split just like their last election. In this case, many posters began to harass me and had the audicity to say I did something wrong by responding to anti-Islamic statements.

They went so far as to say I was being intolerant and clearly stereotyped me, either caring to not read or understand my responses or further indulging in their hatred for Islam.

Unfortunately it appears that the report that Islamophobia is on the rise is likely all too real.

Insha'Allah we can work together to defend ourselves against these falsehoods and to show the world what Islam is really about. It is amazing some of the misconceptions have about Islam and I think much can be attributed to lack of knowledge and ignorance, all we can do is tell people the truth and never give up or back down regardless of the taunts and harassment we receive.

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