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Any name for God

2005-10-18 16:20:00
Any name for God
By Nada
(note to the reader, this is a copy righted item and can not be linked or copied without the consent from the author) copy righted 2005 Nada Mansuek

What became of the people you made?
We turned our backs and left your embrace.
There is murder on every street
And death each day we meet.
How did you let this happen God.
Did we forget your perfect laws.
Could you come and give us a hand,
And again help us to stand.
We complain endless about your name
Each religion trying to make their claim.
But itís clear who you are.
You are God, and not far.
You can see me Allah, I can tell,
Because of all those times I fell.
You punished me when I did wrong,
And made my faith strong.
So now what do I do with all this hate,
All these people saying this is fate.
But itís you who is talking
And all we do is mocking.
You remind us with earthquakes and death
That we are not in control, weíre not the best.
You tell us itís not the name that we pray,
Itís the sinís and deeds we do and say.
Why did we forget you in the good times,
Going on with life with the sweet rhymes.
But when they fall apart we seek you,
And do all the right things without a clue.
What is it about the small differences,
That we forget all your magnificence.
All the things you gave us we throw away,
And now in our sad times we pray.
Why should you help us now,
We have already gone down.
All because we fight for reasons,
Tore our own hearts to pieces.
Itís not the name we call you,
Allah, God, itís all you.
So listen people, just do right,
And stop our evil fights.
Call Him what you will,
But stop the deaths, the kill.
Stained with hate, dirt and shame,
Yet you can find peace, just say his name.
Love to all,
And all and all.

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