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CBC Mr. Velk View Point Reaction

2005-10-17 22:00:00
Hello UniteIslam! I accidentally came across your website one day after seeing a very upsetting article on the CBC website. It was by a Mr. Velk. He is one of their regular writers and has written many articles. The most recent one that I read from him, bothered me so much that I had to write in to CBC. He was stating the Canada should adopt American and British policies regarding ĎTerroristsí and immigration. And we all know who those policies will specifically target, MUSLIMS.
Anyways, Iím hoping that maybe you will post my article, the letter I wrote to him, since CBC turned it down. Seems to me, they donít really appreciate my input at all.

By Aliyah, Kamloops

Dear Mr. Velk. I have to say Iím surprised and terrified that someone who is as well educated as you, could possibly be making no sense. The single greatest thing about Canada is its rich multiculturalism, and youíre saying that we should adopt Mr. Tony Blairís policies of shooting innocent people in the street because they could be a terrorist? Iím a Muslim immigrant; in fact my whole family immigrated here. We moved here when I was eleven years old because, the military took over the Fijian Islands (my native land). But luckily our application was accepted in Canada, and we happily moved here so that we could grow up and have a positive future without being around violence or hate.

Yet, yesterday when I read youíre article, I feel like you want to bring violence and hate into Canada. When I started school, my father didnít sit me down and say ďstay away from those white kidsĒ or ďdonít talk to anyone who isnít MuslimĒ. NO instead he told me that this country is about peace, that I could be free here from all that violence and hate. That in Canada the government care about us, the people care about us. It hurt so much to read your viewpoint, because itís politely telling me; youíre not wanted here if you canít be like us.

I have a Muslim friend; sheís Japanese and has two children. It was a month ago, when she was assaulted by three teenage (white) boys, who tore off her Hijab. She was the one who was terrorized. She was outside her apartment complex playing with her two young children. What was she doing to deserve that sort of treatment? If we adopt Mr. Blairís policies, weíll only be fueling the small flame and soon more Muslimís will be reporting to the RCMP that they were assaulted.

We respect our differences here, and learn about other cultures and religions, thatís just one out of the many reasonsí why Canada is wonderful. I love this country, I have since the day I set my foot on Canadian soil. I have been nothing but a law abiding citizen and that goes for all the members in my family and many other immigrant families. And we were able to be good citizen even with practicing our values and religion. Do you want us to become like America and Britain? I for one donít. I like what we have in Canada, respect and love for each other. We donít need hate and violence here, we have bigger issues that need to be addressed, issues that pose an immediate problem such as school tuitions on the rise, heath care and the poverty.

Iím afraid that if we do adopt Mr. Blairís Ďpoliciesí weíll only be encouraging hate among people who other wise respected each other. And what about the KKK- who by the way is up and running to this day, but no one seems to care? I canít tell you how many times Iíve been called names because of the color of my skin, but do I think all white people are racist? No, I donít. The war on terror, opps no Iím sorry, the struggle against extremisms (Bushís new marketing plan) is not a struggle against terror, and I would think you would be the first person to understand that. I have a question for you Mr. Velk, why did you choose to ignore all the facts against Tony and his buddy Bushís policies? Their policies donít make sense. They are only bringing fear into their countries, and hurting good Muslims everywhere.

Iím a Muslim, and there are so many things that those fundamentalist Muslims have said and done that arenít even part of the religion, for example, THE KILLING. Itís not part of Islam, it has never been. Just like Christianity and Judasim, there are sometimes bad apples in the basket. I want you to consider something, in the May + June 2002 edition of the magazine ďMother JonesĒ there was an article that discussed how Evangelical Christianís were aiming to eliminate Islam. ĎChristian missionaries are being trained to go undercover in the Muslim world and win converts for Jesus. Their stated goal: to wipe out Islamí Ė Mother Jones. So what am I to make out of that? That all Christians are bad people? Of course not, and thatís what I hope people realize when they look at Muslims. That weíre not all terrorists. If there is one thing that you could do for me, and all the other Muslims in Canada, please stop. I want to grow up in this country, safe and happy. I donít want to be like Britain, I donít want to be American. I love Canada and I want to stay a Canadian.

Aliyah, Kamloops

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