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CSIS denies imam's charge

2005-07-28 07:07:00

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CSIS denies imam's charge
Last Updated Wed, 27 Jul 2005 22:32:11 EDT
CBC News

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service has hotly denied an allegation from a Muslim cleric that two of its agents roughed up a Muslim woman.

CSIS spokesperson John Dunn says the service has investigated Imam Aly Hindy's charge that security agents manhandled a young Muslim woman when her husband was out of their home.

The imam, well-known in the Toronto area for his criticism of CSIS, had distributed a flyer to worshippers at his mosque telling them they don't have to co-operate with CSIS agents.

Dunn said the allegation is completely unfounded, but noted that the investigation into the complaint can only go so far because Hindy refused to name the woman who made the complaint.

He challenged the imam to take his information to the Toronto police.

"Mr. Hindy is basically accusing CSIS of criminal actions,. It's quite a serious charge," said Dunn. "We've investigated internally and as a result we believe the charges to be entirely without foundation."

But Hindy says he believes the woman.

"I don't believe she is lying, she's a very religious woman," said Hindy.

Hindy's charges come days after 120 Canadian imams and other Islamic leaders signed a declaration condemning extremism and offering to help CSIS track down militants within their mosques.

The move followed two July attacks on London's transit system

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