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Canada In Afghanistan

2005-10-25 16:50:00
Helping Afghanistan will protect Canada, says top soldier

I am very proud and impressed at the common sense approach our fellow Canadians have responded to these ridiculous statements Mr Hillier made.

(people's comments here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/viewpoint/yourspace/hillier_afghans.html)

I think every letter I read there got it right and it is comforting to know that many Canadians are educated and use their brain (no offence but it's a fact that Canadians are better educated and less brainwashed then the Americans). Our involvement in the crazy war in Afghanistan has put us in harms way and the soldier made some very American comments with the way he calls them "scumbags" and says "they hate our freedom and way of life". Are the civilians that are killed everyday or the wedding goers that were bombed all scumbags too?

The truth is that we are pawns and puppets for the Americans so they can run their oil pipeline through Afghanistan (remember the appointed leader of Afghanistan by the US, Hamid Karzhai is on the board of director's that signed the deal to run the pipeline through Afghanistan). Why did we risk retaliation attacks just so the Americans can drive their SUVs and improve their economy? We sent soldiers just to show the Americans "we're not a bunch of wimps?". Canadians are just sensible and the only time we needed to fight was in world war 2 with a clear and present threat, whereas in this case, the only threat is the one we are creating through our joining in the war on terrorism or rather terrorizing other innocent people.

The Afghan people have been terrorized by the Soviets and now by the Americans and by our involvement in less than 2 decades. Women and children have been murdered, raped and killed and continue to be with American soldiers on the ground. I am no fan of the Taliban but during their rule things like rape were non-existent!

The Americans have been accused of worse human rights violations in prisons in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. I remember the case of a man who was said to be innocent even by the American military but that was too late they beat him to a pulp and the injuries to his legs were described as if he had been run over by a large truck several times. America has also been decried by Amnesty international by their other "Gulag" prisons around the world where they hold people without evidence, trial and abuse and torture them without respect to the Geneva Convention. It has been proven in Iraq that these actions will only breed terror in a report I read which found that many suicide bombers are doctors or other well-educated people who resorted to extreme measures after losing their families.

Amnesty likens Guantanamo Bay to 'gulag'

The greatest world threat of terrorism is right below our feet and we should be pulling out our troops from Afghanistan and taking a harder line against America's wreckless and self-serving policies to ensure world peace and preserve our way of life and security. Terrorism is an American problem created and accelerated by their actions and policies and directly funded by them. The CIA decided they should provide weapons and training to Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban just so the Soviets would not be able to get access to any oil, so how is this Canada's problem? It sounds similar to how they supported Saddam in Iraq and gave him weapons because they realized supporting the Shah of Iran was no longer in their interest. The world shouldn't put itself in line to pay for the mistakes of the Americans and really it would be in the interest of world peace to isolate America even with a situation like North Korea (they pose no threat to us and have only threatened attacks against the US for their policies and obvious plans to destroy them).

The idea that "terrorists" hate our way of life and democracy is ridiculous. It is a fabricated story to get the rest of the world on its side and to scare us just like they did to their own people. Tony needed something to stop the rumblings among his people over his choice to illegally invade Iraq and he got it with the London Bombings. Why would any believe the British or Americans after time and time again they are proven liars? The British had thousands of pages of forged documents and intelligence which claimed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was a danger to the entire world. There is no need to get started about the Americans like Donald Rumsfield pointing to places on satellite photos where Saddam was storing their WMDs. They thwarted international law and completely disregarded previous conclusions by UN weapons inspectors that Iraq did not have any weapons that posed a danger to the world. Their findings have been backed up with the Americans themselves admitting there are no weapons of mass destruction. The US and UK have absolutely no credibility whatsoever and regardless of what they say or do we shouldn't believe them, and I can guarantee next time they will be sure to create evidence to back up their claims but let's not fall for their lies again.

If you ask me, the reason people might hate us or want to attack us is because we are partly responsible for their situation by supporting America's War On Terror which thus far as involved killing and torturing innocent people and invading countries who have never posed any threat to us. Remember, it is us attacking them and not the other way around. I have my own theories about Osama Bin Laden who only took responsibility for 9/11, 4 years later, but nearly all statements issued by him or Al Qaeda (not really a single organization) says they are carrying out their attacks in revenge for US policies and actions resulting in the deaths of innocent people.
He said in his last statement for example that they choose not to attack Sweden because they are not attacking anyone and he offered peace to any European nation who pulls out their troops and warned there would be more attacks on those that don't, yet the world acts surprised when there are further bombings against "war on terror" supporters.

Osama Bin Laden is from Saudi Arabia and most of the 9/11 hijackers were too, yet America chooses weak targets with huge oil deposits which had nothing to do with 9/11 to invade instead of Saudi Arabia (could it be the trillions of dollars they have invested into the US or the business relationship the Bush's and Bin Laden's have had for decades?). The truth of what is going on is obvious so why isn't the world doing anything about it?

We shouldn't let radical people like Mr. Hillier who is simply echoing American Rhetoric take our focus off the reality of what they are doing. I commend our fellow Canadians that haven't been sucked in by all of the proganda which is standard in any war. We need to know the truth now before we make more mistakes in the future which could cost even more Canadian lives and others abroad.

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