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Canada Makes More Sense

2005-10-25 17:00:00
This is what an educated Canadian said on CBC about Ann McLellan's comment about us not being prepared for transit attacks. It's refreshing to see that many Canadians are educated and rational unlike our Liberal government. (If we chose the NDP we know we would not be involved in any unjust or illegal wars that put us in harms way).

What some Canadians had to say about McLellan's comments on CBC view point:

I have no desire whatsoever to become "psychologically prepared" for an eventual terrorist attack on Canadian targets.

I have two thoughts on this approach of self-destructive thinking. The first is that I have absolutely no desire to emulate our American cousins to the south, and become so paranoid I regard everything as a threat. The second thought is that if we don't participate in activities (i.e. bombing, killing innocent people) that militants perceive as threatening, we might not be regarded as a target, merits some thought.

I refuse to play Ms McLellan's game of feeling terrorized, and I refuse to play into the American's game of bullying everyone else into feeling terrorized. We Canadians have done nothing wrong in this war of control over lucrative petroleum deposits. I refuse to feel scared or bullied.

Rather, I encourage Ms. McLellan to buck up, stand separate from the American influence, and accept that we will differ on interpretations.

Russell Collier | Smithers, B.C.

I think it's important that people consider the cause of terrorism instead of being like the Americans, running around like Chickens without our heads and thinking that bombing random countries and killing women and children will solve their problems. Everyone has their theories and the reality is that there has got to more to these bombings than meets the eye.

Case in point, why did the London Bombings occur AFTER they won the 2012 Olympic Bid? It occurred right at the start of the G8 summit. If you ask me it played out perfectly for our friends George and Tony. Truly, if people who hate the UK wanted to hurt them why not ruin their chance at the Olympics by bombing them earlier? The fact is that the focus of the G8 summit turned to the "War on Terrorism" and scared several nations and brought on feelings of understanding from the other G8 members which seems to be a perfect result for the US and UK.

It is convenient, because if you ask me, the more bombings the better it is for their war on terror in terms of public opinion and support which we all know is fading even faster. Seeing as how Iraq has nothing to do with September 11 or Al Qaeda and they have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent woman and children, they need to justify their cause. How dumb is the world, really? Obviously they went in to these countries to expand their empire and their business, in Afghanistan their appointed leader signed a contract to run an oil pipeline, and Halliburton in Iraq essentially controls all of the Iraqi oil. If they wanted to liberate the Iraqi people why not let Iraqi people and businesses do all of the reconstruction and where is all of the reconstruction money that America promised them?

Their war on terror is actually destabilizing the world and increasing the chance of terrorism throughout the world (a CSIS report states). Why? Because they are killing innocent people like you and me. Far worse than the London Bombings, these people lose their livelihood, family members, homes and they don't even have electricity or running water most of the time. That is a sure way to liberate a people who have no links to terrorism, 9/11 or Al Qaeda, or so the Americans seem to think.

It was very interesting to read that before America invaded Iraq that there were no suicide bombings and that the people had jobs, water and relative security (there were no American bombs, soldiers or others doing bombings). I love how George Bush used Amnesty's International's report on how the people were suffering due to the sanctions they helped impose on them to invade Iraq but now after the Amnesty International report comes out condemning their widespread human rights abuse he says they aren't a credible organization.

My perspective on this situation with regards to terror is that America is the fuel for it through their policies, hypocrisy and actions directly killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people throughout the world. Even Condoleeza Rice acknowledged their policies were partly to blame for attacks against their country.

I hope Canadians wake up and realize that we have to denounce the actions of our misguided neighbors and respect human rights and ensure we aren't accomplices to mass murder and genocide to ensure our own safety and security. How can we as a nation and a people expect to have security if we take away the dignity and lives of other innocent people? It is a very simple concept to me and fortunately Canada still has a high standard of human rights and Jean Chretien decided not to send the CAF into battle over Iraq.

Unfortunately the bombings in my opinion will continue to increase, partly because of the killing of more innocent people and also because the more countries that are attacked, the more their war on terror will gain momentum if you get my drift.

Having said that, I don't think any "terrorists" have a legitimate reason or cause to attack Canada as we are widely known as a champion of human rights and for providing aid instead of wholesale murder. I'm not losing sleep over a possible attack and we should be the last ones to fear it unless our friends down south think it would serve their purposes for us to be bombed

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