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Comments in response to Xinjiang/Uyghur/Uighur Needle Attacks and Islam/Muslims In China

2009-09-12 17:20:28

I am a Canadian born, Chinese Muslim (Han) and would like to say a few things.

Before visiting China I had the same incorrect opinion that most people do, because of the lies in the media.  I support China's efforts and response to the violence in Xinjiang because I've seen the truth for myself after visiting China twice, and find the media accounts on this event and most other events and descriptions of everday life to be far from the truth.

China does not oppress or mistreat Muslims and it bothers me to see the media and people say it does.  As a Muslim in China, I felt safer than I do in Canada and never feared persecution for my faith unlike many other countries who use terrorism as an excuse to harass Muslims.  I've said it before, but anyone who has done research will know Islam has a long history in China and Mosques and Halal restaurants are everywhere including Beijing.

One thing that bothers me is that some people are trying to equate the Uyghur situation with that of Palestine, Iraq or Afghanistan.  I do not believe the Uyghur's are being oppressed or mistreated, their restaurants  and markets can be found throughout mainland China.  Further, in Xinjiang and elsewhere in the mainland there are dozens of ethnic groups, including other groups of Muslims who don't seem to have any complaints.

In Xinjiang the situation is about separatism, and is not a response to persecution.  What we're seeing in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan are the work of the CIA, and also the work of a people who have lost their livelihood, family members, dignity and have been tortured by the occupying forces.  I do not agree with terrorism, but the facts make it obvious that much of the so-called Muslim violence is being orchestrated by the CIA, and the other half are a people who have lost the will to live.

In China the issue is simply that a minority of Uyghur's are being controlled from an outside power, in order to create chaos inside China.  China is fighting two groups of people within the Uyghur and Tibetan communities, namely Rebiya Kadeer and the Dalai Lama, and it's a wonder why the truth about them is never published by the media.

I just want to end it by saying I believe in peace and unity in Canada and also in China, and that we should understand the unforgivable actions of some, do not represent the beliefs of everyone.

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