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Comments on Vancouver protest of Uighur's on Xinjiang, Urumqi Protests

2009-07-10 03:15:19

I am disappointed by this separatist activity. I am a Chinese Muslim, and I have nothing against Uighur's in general, but having visited China I do not understand their claims and their supposed plight.

I support the Chinese government, although I have protested against the ethnic cleansing in Israel, Sri Lanka and other places. I was born here and lead to be believe China is evil, but my views have changed after visiting and seeing that Islam is free and accepted in China. Uighurs have opportunities and in all major cities they have their own markets and even high class restaurants and hotels.

Their claims just do not make sense, especially since they attacked the Hans first. Islam calls for peace and harmony, and violence can only be used in extreme situations to defend you, your family and community from harm. However in this case, the Uighur's started the violence and as a Muslim I cannot accept this.

Further, their claims about telephone service apply to Han as well, China takes public safety extremely seriously, and the only way to disrupt the co-ordination of violence from Uighurs and Hans is to cut off their lines of communication. Uighurs and Hans alike had phone and internet access until violence broke out.

The other part of the story is what happened in Shaoguan, a city in Guangdong province where the 2 Uighurs were killed. Those 2 Uighurs were accused of sexually assaulting a fellow female Han employee, and Hans were injured as well.

The Chinese government has already vowed to bring those to justice in that incident, but considering the number of people involved in the death of 2 Uighur's, it is not that easy.

I won't let the actions of a few Hans or Uighurs disrupt the unity and peace that has existed for so long.

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