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Iím Free

2005-10-18 16:20:00
Iím Free

I wrote this after my younger sister who was blind from birth died after a bomb exploded in her class room, in Bosnia.
Sweet sister, I miss you!

Thereís too much here for me to learn,
Iím quiet and afraid, more than alone.
Isnít there anyone else with me?
Can no one else be here to see.

That Iím alone and afraid, someone please be here,
I canít see, my hands are cold and Iím not free.
Why is it so hard to see in this dark?
Where is my pencil, what is my mark?

I canít stand on my own,
All I hear is a faint sobbing moan.
I think I am crying
My heart is lying

There is no happiness in their soul
I am trembling and so very cold
Where have all they suddenly gone,
The warm sun has turned to dawn.

Iím looking but I donít see
Anything near me
There is my body
Cold and muddy

I died I guess
Tangled in this mess
Dead I realize I am
Now Iíll fly up and join them

The angels and the light
Away from all this crazy fright
I wonít be afraid or alone
No I wonít be dead and cold

There is a new place for me
Where I can look down and see

Where I can see
You can see
We can all see
I am free.

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