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Islam convert jailed 35 years for plotting U.S. mall attack

2008-09-30 21:19:46

Our Comments

I'm really surprised at the realistic comments being made by Canadians so far and how many people are able to separate the action of one person from the teachings of religion. I guess the anti-Islamists have taken the night off for now. :)

I am what the media calls a "converted Muslim", and I have been for almost 5 years. I would consider myself fairly knowledgeable and devoted, after reading the Qur'an several times. Ever since I have converted I have become a more calm and peaceful person, and no, I've never been involved in violence or any "terrorist activities".

Anti-Islamists will try to accuse all Muslims of having these beliefs or intentions and that every Muslim in the world is somehow connected to this incident. Obviously that is not the case but I'd like to talk more about what Islam teaches, for the benefit of the readers.

First of all there is NOTHING in the Holy Qur'an that can justify violence against civilians in any case. It's unfortunate that due to the hate against Muslims and frustration of living in a society where they are being isolated and antagonized, that someone may resort to such an act of violence. I'm in no way excusing these actions, as they are unacceptable according to the Qur'an and the religion of Islam, but people have to remember people are only human.

If you take the kindest person and subject them to torment, bad things happen, just look at soft criminals thrown into jail with hardcore killers for example, or in Iraq where people lose their entire families as a result of the American invasion.

I'd just like to end it by saying the obvious thing, that nothing in Islam teaches this behavior is ok (in fact it teaches the opposite), for anyone who's read the entire Qur'an (not someone who has visited a hate site which takes a few verses out of context).

There is not justification for a Muslim to use violence against anyone, except in the case of self-defense. Obviously in this case, self-defence was never applicable.

One final thing, many people are surprised to know that the Qur'an teaches us to live according to the laws of the land and to live peacefully with people of different cultures and faiths. In fact we accept the Bible, Tor'ah and all of the prophets including Jesus, Abraham, Noah etc.. are glorified in the Qur'an.

Full Article:

Islam convert jailed 35 years for plotting U.S. mall attack

Last Updated: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 | 4:30 PM ET Comments22Recommend24

A 24-year-old convert to Islam was sentenced to 35 years in prison Tuesday for plotting to detonate hand grenades in a crowded Illinois shopping mall during the Christmas season.

Derrick Shareef must serve 30 of those years, with the chance of getting five off for good behaviour.

He was arrested in 2006 on charges of scheming to use weapons of mass destruction at the Cherryvale Mall in the northern Illinois city of Rockford.

He pleaded guilty last November.

Shareef planned to put grenades in garbage cans at the mall. He was nabbed by an undercover agent who Shareef thought was going to supply him with the explosives.

Federal Judge David Coar said he didn't believe Shareef was evil. But he said people could have been severely hurt if federal agents hadn't broken up the plot.

Shareef described himself as a devout Muslim who once admired Osama bin Laden but has now realized violence is wrong.



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