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Michael turns Muslim

2008-11-23 01:41:44

Our Comments

$6 for a tub of Ice Cream? That sounds like a gift. But apparently Mr. Al-Khalifa wants every penny for every little thing he might have treated to Michael. That's a bit extreme.

IF Michael Jackson is serious about this conversion,  then perhaps he'll be able to change his life around, since the past few years have been rough. Seems like negative press follows him like a hawk, and no matter what the former Pop Star does; he'll be shown in the worst of lights.

Perhaps this is his way of trying to change his life, trying to take a new direction. And if he is true to himself, UniteIslam wishes him well and prays that he finds peace.

Everyone is entitled to mercy, whether from God or from people. We let hardcore criminals get off easier than the Media has with Mr. Jackson.

Give him a break! And let the man be. How can he be expected to collect his life and get back on track, when hungry monsters are always after him.

Mr. Al-Khalifa, I doubt the $7 million that you gave (or gifted) to Michael Jackson barely made a dent in your wallet. Perhaps you and his people will find a more suitable solution outside of court.

Full Article:

London - Michael Jackson has become a Muslim.

The singer changed his name to Mikaeel in a ceremony at a friend's Los Angeles home just days before he is due in court.

Jackson, 50, is facing allegations of borrowing £4.7m ($7.3m) from Arab sheikh Abdulla Al-Khalifa and failing to repay the sum by recording two new albums, writing an autobiography and penning a musical.

The cash-strapped star - who was raised as a Jehovah's Witness - was convinced to turn to Islam by producer Phillip Bubal and songwriter David Wharnsby.

"They began talking to him about their beliefs and how they thought they had become better people after they converted," a source told Britain's The Sun newspaper.

Bizarre list

"Michael soon began warming to the idea."

Singer Yousef Islam - formerly known as Cat Stevens before he also converted to the religion - attended the star's declaration of belief, known as the shahada.

Meanwhile, an itemised list of Jackson's debts to the prince has been revealed - including a £3.79 ($6) tub of the singer's favourite Haagen-Daaz ice cream.

"It's the most bizarre list imaginable. Some bills are only for £5 - but the sheikh wants every penny back," a source said.

Jackson will be forced to attend a London court in person on Monday after previously saying he was too ill to travel.

"Michael will be in court and will be holding his head up high. He is very hurt and baffled by these claims, but he is hoping his fans will support him," a source added.

Jackson claims the money - which includes court costs of more than £676 000 ($1m) for his 2005 child molestation case sent to him before the sheikh had met him - was a "gift".


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