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More comments on racist hate crime attack in Courtenay BC

2009-07-10 19:09:20

I'm glad to see there are a lot of tolerant posters here.  There are a lot of white supremacists who are trying to justify this.  My grandparents as immigrants from China are familiar with these tactics, and so are many other groups including Indians, Italians, Ukrainians, Africans and all other minorities.

I highly doubt a Hamburger was thrown, and whether it was or not is irrelevant as some said.

This is a hate crime, and they didn't hide it like some of the smarter racists. They shouted the first and most natural thing that came into their heads.

I also love how the media says "alleged" and "possible" hate crime.  We all know if 3 black men attacked a white man, the story would say "hate crime" and there would be no uncertainty about it.

Having said that, racist and religiously motivated hate crimes are wrong no matter who is committing them.

The problem as I see it, is that minority groups are more likely to be a victim of these crimes as history shows, and conversely also less likely to get proper justice.

Until the government starts punishing organized hate whether spoken or physical violence, this will not end.

No one should have to live in fear or be persecuted for their ethnicity or religious background.  This is in the Charter of Rights, just as we have hate crime legislation which our government is scared to enact against one group of people.

It is an even further shame, that freedom of speech and hate crimes, are tilted in favor of one particular group of people, in this case the perpetrators in this hate crime.

Regardless of the color or religion, it is equally wrong and must be equally punished.

I encourage all Canadians who are civilized and tolerant to shun and speak out against this hate.


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