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More comments to Uighur's on Xinjiang riots, Rebiya Kadeer and separatism

2009-07-11 16:15:11

akmeme, I mean no offense but I think this is only about separatism and these are lies.  No Uighur's have presented any logical arguments to me.
Also why do Uighur's support the violence in Xinjiang?

Uighur's here tried to convince me I cannot pray at the Mosque in China, when you didn't know I am a Muslim.

If Rebiya Kadeer is the leader of Uighur protests she is a terrorist.  I have shown through Xin Hua and the comments of the victims family in Shaoguan that these protests have nothing to do with Uighur mistreatment.

No one here has responded to my facts, and your answers do not have any logic.

Why do you say Hui are disappearing?  I haven't heard of this.  Why do you say the Mosques and Halal restaurants are disappearing?  There are over 10,000 Halal food sources in Beijing alone.

Why would the Mosques disappear in 10 to 20 years.  Don't you know Mosques have existed in China for over 1200 years?

It is very clear to me that the Uighur protests were instigated abroad and executed within Xinjiang for separatists purposes and nothing else.

I have already caught Uighur's deceiving us about the policies of China and the treatment of Muslims in China.

To the Uighur's, remember the Qur'an compels us to tell the truth, even if it is against a loved one or close friend.

The Qur'an also tells us to abide by the laws of the land, and not to use violence in self defense.

Xinjiang is nothing like Palestine, because in Xinjiang the protesters used the false reason of the Shaoguan incident as an excuse to hurt innocent civilians.

According to Islam this is unacceptable and you should not say Islam is not free in China, as an excuse to separate.

The Uighur viewpoint does not make any sense to me and is clearly the product of a separatist and foreign influence.

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