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Ottawa cuts links with Palestinian Authority, Hamas

2006-03-29 21:35:45

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Not to repeat the things that have already been said in recent weeks but the West has been crying for democracy in the Middle East, and now they have it but because they don't agree with the results or the policies of the party they are boycotting and sanctioning an entire population despite claiming they will respond to humanitarian needs.

I don't agree with all of Hamas' policies but neither do I with Israeli's which are if anything far worse in action and rhetoric than Hamas.  Israel in their recent elections did not make it a priority to find peace and there are many radicals in and outside their government calling for the expulsion of non-Jews and issuing death threats to those who want to negotiate and make peace with Palestine.  Combined with their atrocious human rights record, complacency in Jewish Settlers attacking Palestinians, targetted killings of civilians, Hamas members and terrorist acts such as sonic booms and a never ending list, the West still refuses to condemn or criticize Israel.  If that isn't a double standard or hypocrisy, I don't know what is.

I suspect the recent take over of Afghanistan by Canadian Forces and now this move would not have occurred if Stephen Harper never won the election. 

Full Article:

Ottawa cuts links with Palestinian Authority, Hamas

Canada has ended all relations with the new Palestinian government, two federal ministers announced Wednesday.

"Canada will have no contact with the members of the Hamas cabinet and is suspending assistance to the Palestinian Authority," Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said in a statement.

But "Canada will continue to support and respond to the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people," International Co-operation Minister Josée Verner said in the statement. She is responsible for aid programs.

The ministers were reacting after Hamas replaced Fatah after the election in January. The militant group's cabinet was formally sworn in on Wednesday.

Canada and other countries had threatened to withdraw funding from the Palestinian Authority, which performs many government functions in the West Bank and Gaza, unless Hamas amended its policies.

"The stated platform of this government has not addressed the concerns raised by Canada and others concerning non-violence, the recognition of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations," MacKay said.

Canada will resume payments to the Palestinian Authority only if Hamas agrees to change its policies, he said.

The Hamas cabinet of 24 members includes 14 who have been jailed by the Israelis.

Israel has stopped paying the Palestinian Authority tens of millions of dollars in taxes it collects on the Palestinian's behalf, and will consider additional sanctions.

It has forbidden Hamas leaders from travelling between the West Bank and Gaza, so there were two ceremonies to swear in the new cabinet.

Ismail Haniyeh, the new Hamas prime minister, was sworn in by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Gaza.

Abbas, a moderate, was elected in a separate vote last year. He heads Fatah.

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