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Rebuttal to anti-Islamists over the state of Israel

2009-01-04 01:18:09
This is just in response to the anti-Islamists who have been copying and pasting from anti-Islamic hate sites to miscontrue Islam.

The Qur'an does not allow for any violence except in the case of self-defense, in fact the Qur'an repeats over and over that if the enemy (in times of war) wants peace, you can't continue fighting.

This issue has nothing to do with Islam, it has to do with occupation and the Zionist leaders in Israel wanting a "Jewish" majority, and Rabbi's saying "one Jewish finger nail is not worth the life of one Palestinian"

These aren't my views or feelings, but quotes from different articles over the years that receive little coverage.

Also, Hamas did not break the ceasefire, it was broken when Israel killed 6 Hamas leaders (not the ones you heard about in the last few days, but before Hamas launched rockets).

One other thing, Hamas does not have rockets, they don't have billions in high tech weaponry that the US/UK and Canada have supplied.   Israel has 200 nuclear war heads, while Palestine has rocks.

Hamas was democratically elected, which the world demanded.  If Hamas as a political group is going to be considered a terrorist group, then you can add the US, UK and Israel to that list.  The group who is illegally occupying and torturing people, are the terrorists.

For every Israeli killed, 100 Palestinians are killed.  It is a religious issue but not for Muslims.  People should ask why Stephen Harper & George Bush refer to "Israel" as her.

The bottom line is who has lost their land and who is dying?  It's Palestine, yet the media would have you believe otherwise.

Who has had dozens of UN resolutions against it and illegally occupies and cages the Palestinians.  It's Israel.

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