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Reply To People Who Stereotype All Muslims As Extremists Due To The Actions Of A Few

2008-10-11 00:22:00
Which leader are you talking about and why is he denouncing North Americans?  Regardless of what he said, should all Iraqis be portrayed this way even if they don't agree with this one leader's views?   Nations around the world criticize North America for all kinds of things, but if they aren't Muslims I guess it doesn't matter to you.

I do not support extremism, however, I find it strange how people who are so against Muslims, don't speak out when Muslim civilians are being killed.

And on Iraq, I don't like Saddam but the truth is Christians lived peacefully with Muslims under his rule.

Everyone takes the most extreme examples of Muslims, but no one talks about UAE, Dubai, where Westerners frequent and people enjoy political, financial and religious freedom.

Why do people think it is ok to stereotype all Muslims due to the actions of a few?  This is how racism started, racists used any example of xyz race doing something wrong, and then blamed every single person from that race.  Eg. if a person of xyz race commits a crime, people think it is ok to punish any member of xyz race.

I'm sure anyone with a heart that isn't hateful, can understand that it's not fair or right to be blamed and harassed for the actions of others, especially when you have nothing to do with it.

I just want to end things off with a joke from Russell Peter's (a great comedian).  He did one about how he wondered if all Arabs are angry and violent, because that's his impression based on the media, so he went to Dubai.

He was laughing at how ridiculous the news is, because he realized the media never shows normal people.  It would be the equivalent of a KKK leader being made to represent Christianity or Canada itself.

Think about it people, the world suddenly thought it was OK to kill Muslims and invade their countries all because of the actions of 19 extremists on 9/11.  A few thousand innocent people in the WTC were killed as a result, and even worse over a million Muslims who had nothing to do with it have been killed and the other 1.2 billion Muslims are suffering for it.

I read the Qur'an almost everyday, and there are so many more Muslims who agree and believe we should live peacefully with everyone and respect the laws of the land, yet there are many people here in Canada who don't want to live peacefully with us, due to stereotypes.

Cheers & Peace

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