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Response to Uighur Protests in Vancouver regarding Xinjiang and the Uighur Urumqi Protest

2009-07-10 03:16:54

Bet you were only there as a tourist. Offcourse, you only saw what China wants to present Xinkiang to the world.
Suggest you talk to local people, and special those living in south part of Xinkiang next time when you are there.
Yes, every religion calls for peace and harmony, but what if you can not pratice your relligion freely, and you are discriminated just because you are a muslim. As a chinese muslim, good for you, you are not practicing your religion there.

I have visited Uighur and non-Uighur Mosques in the mainland. I did not see any evidence that Muslims in China cannot practice their religion. I declared I was a Muslim to the government with no trouble.

I have even prayed at some of the Mosques without any trouble. There are also Halal restaurants everywhere, from Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. Some of the best restaurants are run by Uighur's, so this is why I don't understand why people say Islam is oppressed in China.

I see Islam being more oppressed here in Canada and other countries. In Shenzhen they built a large Mosque and approval was not difficult to get from the government.

Some of the oldest Mosques in the world exist in China. And China has always protected and preserved them from ancient to present times.

Uighur's are allowed to practice Islam freely, I saw this in the mainland myself, from their restaurants, hotels and Mosques, just as Hui Muslims have the same rights.

I also know in Uighur's do not have to follow the "one child policy", this is a generous and unusual exception to China's population control.

Then there are the claims of Rebiya Kadeer which Amnesty Intl contradicts, further, she is linked to a foreign terrorist group.


Here is my other response:


Sumruh, I have read Amnesty International's claims.  I am a member of them, but may not be for long.

They did not reply to my questions about Tibet or Xinjiang and why they have not provided proof, but have only relied on accusations from people.  One thing that cannot be questioned is that the Dalai Lama is working for the CIA and is not peaceful, and is not telling the facts on Tibet. 
There are many incorrect facts spread about Tibet, and I've seen the same pattern with Xinjiang.  It is not a matter of ethnicity or religion.

In fact the Dalai Lama has even written letters to Nazi friends etc... the world is starting to learn that the Dalai Lama is not who he claims to be, what do es this have in common?  Well now Rebiya Kadeer has won a Nobel Peace prize, because this adds to the legitimacy of the cause, just as the Dalai Lama somehow won, even though he was never peaceful either.

In the last Tibet uprising you can clearly see the Tibetan's initated the violence, and it was clearly an organized event just before the Olympics. Yet the world and Amnesty International blamed China. 

Rebiya Kadeer appears to be doing the same thing as she is the leader of the American and World Uighur Congress.

One thing no one can deny, is that these protests were organized.  There were also violent protests in Europe at the different Chinese Consulates which also appeared to be co-ordinated and organized.  Someone is behind these protests, so who could it be if not the most influential foreign Uighur?  Another interesting fact is that there are many Uighur's in the mainland, why were there no protests in the mainland?  It is simple, whoever is behind the protests only wants the violence of Uighur's to be focused in Xinjiang.  If Uighur's were being mistreated, and this is clearly an organized protest, why was nothing organized in the rest of the mainland?

Another thing I do not understand is that I have now learned in Xinjiang there are 13 Ethnic Minority groups.  In fact the largest group in Xinjiang is Uighur's.  Even more interesting is that most other Ethnic groups of Xinjiang are Muslims and are not of Han background, but they don't seem to be unhappy.
Then there is Nuer Baikeli who is an Uighur and also the Governor of Xinjiang.

Amnesty International also admits that Rebiya Kadeer was treated well by the Chinese government, in fact she was elected to the National Assembly and made a UN delegate.  Things only changed when she was charged for being involved in separatist activities.

No one can answer this question, how did she achieve all of this wealth if Uighur's and Muslims are being discriminated against?  She was one of the richest people not only in Xinjiang, but all of China during her time.  Also if Uighur's are being mistreated why are they exempt from the one-child policy?

The Chinese government allowed her to leave her jail sentence early to seek medical attention, on the conditions that she stop anti-Chinese and separatist activity which is why she was put in jail in the first place.

If China is abusing Uighur's can you explain to me why my facts are incorrect?  How could an Uighur become one of the richest in China and why is the governor of Xinjiang an Uighur?

Here is where I found a non-biased article that has some information: http://www.cfr.org/publication/16870/uighurs_and_chinas_xinjiang_region.html

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