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Response to anti-Islamic and Islamophobic comments

2009-07-09 23:28:16

FreeCanada says:
The problem about this is that Islam isn't a religion it is a culture and won't rest, till Shariah law is law of the land and those not abiding by ALLAH are prisioned and stoned.
I am a Chinese Muslim who was born in Canada and think I can offer a unique perspective and information.  I take exception with your comments, because it generalizes all Muslims as thinking that way, when that is not the case.   For now, I cannot tell what your motivation or views are a result of.

I am going to assume (for now), that you've based your opinion on what you've seen on TV.  We all know how reliable, the CBC is at reporting the facts (lol *sarcasm*).

One interesting thing I'd like to repeat, is that people who post about Islam usually don't like to identify their faith.  I've also caught many people claiming to be an atheist, as being from a particular group of people who have created and maintained anti-Islamic hate sites.

Anyway, I don't recall learning anything about "stoning people" or "not resting till we get Shariah law".  The way you use Allah is uninformed. 
Allah is the Arabic word for God.  We believe there is one god, and it is the same god that Jews, Christians etc.. believe in.

Also, there is nothing that teaches us to force Islam on others. In fact the Holy Qur'an says that "there is no compulsion in religion", which contradicts your views and also the views of some Taliban extremists.

Further, the Qur'an also says that Muslims should be loyal to their country and that we must abide by the laws of the land.

My belief is that people of all faiths and ethnicities can and should live peacefully and harmoniously.  Next time you generalize Muslims please consider that your generalizations do not apply to all Muslims.

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