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Response to anti-Islamic attack which calls for persecution of Islam and Muslims

2009-07-10 18:13:31

Dannyboy56 said:
The problem about Jihad is that it is a serious and is exists. It won’t go away by itself. Even if a small percentage of the Muslims are turning radical, that small percentage is too much of a threat if that radicalization translates into violence.
Before I start I want people to know I'm responding to the context of how Muslims are treated in the West, not in China.  Because in China I never had any problem as a Muslim.

On that note people like Dannyboy56 have been seen commonly posting anti-Islamic rhetoric.  For some unknown or more likely, religious reason these people are obsessed with demonizing Islam.

Jihad means a Personal Struggle to reform yourself and your community.  Before you get started with selective quotes, violence is not permissible in Islam unless it is in self defense, regardless if someone says otherwise.  If a student goes around saying 5 + 5 = 20, does that mean we blame Math?  Obviously it is the student who made the mistake and that's the point I am trying to stress with these anti-Islamists and Islamophobic posts.

If that's how people feel, then we should take action against white supremacists who admit to covertly killing thousands of non-whites in the US each year.  Since a percentage of them are involved in supremacist activities and other heinous crimes, how would the larger percentage who have nothing to do with it, feel if they become harassed from their government and society in general? Many are also high ranking members of the Church.  This was a story done by National Geographic.

What you are suggesting is "collective punishment" which is illegal according to international law.  As a Muslim I shouldn't have to worry, that what is shown in the news is something anti-Islamists are going to hold against me, nor should I have to apologize for the actions of others or feel guilty for it.  I've made my views very clear on Islam and that I don't tolerate violence.  Yet I haven't heard the same group of people like Dannyboy56 condemning violence from others.  It seems violence is only a concern for these people when Muslims are involved, interesting isn't it? Anti-Islamic posters refuse to identify their faith and are religiously motivated in their actions.

Further, the ones who seem to know it all, are an organized group of people copying and pasting quotes and so-called information from anti-Islamic hate sites.

These ideologies of "even if a small percentage"......"is too much of a threat" are what translate into discriminatory policies.
Let's take this "small percentage" and "threat" idea and apply it to others, how would they like it?

In fact if we want to talk about who is more prone to violence, you'll see that statistically, more Muslims are being killed by non-Muslims.  You'll also find that typically where the USA and CIA went, violence follows.

Dannyboy56, how would you feel if someone from your religious or ethnic group did something, and then as a result you were punished or harassed forever when you weren't involved?

I find it interesting, how in the case of so many other countries, and in the case of Islam, people are so compelled to post racist comments against China and anti-Islamic and Islamophobic comments at the same time.

Is this a 2 for 1 hate day?

What I see here is that there are certain outside interests, that cannot stand China's good and long-standing relationship with Islam, and are using this as their opportunity to attack that.

I'll say it again, as a devoted and educated Muslim, the accusations the anti-Islamists are making are not true, and their so-called facts are not accepted by any academics.  In fact a documentary on Islam by PBS and other sources do not support the claims of the anti-Islamists.

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