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Response to people who accuse Muslims of being against Free Speech regarding the MacLean's BCHRT Case

2008-10-10 23:59:50
Is any Muslim who doesn't like lies being told about them must be a radical?

Why should I go back to the middle east, we were born here and our origins are not from the middle east.

That's the problem people face when it comes to racists who don't know the facts and base their opinions on stereotypes.

There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, less than 1% could fall into your radical category.  I certainly don't, either, I've never committed any crime, nor do I fit any of the stereotypes you have.

The issue I take with your comments is the word "they" to portray all Muslims, Muslims come from every corner of the world, and there are different sections of Islam and different groups, we're not a single entity who are all think alike.  Just like with the Christians, you have different sections including Catholics, Evangelists, etc...

George Bush is a Christian Evangelist who has killed over 1 million people in Iraq and he's been quoted as saying "God told me to invade Iraq" and "Iraq is god's plan".  If that isn't extremism I don't know what is, but even so I know to differentiate between an extremist like Bush versus all Christians, many of whom don't agree that it is ok to kill entire families simply because they're Muslims.

One more thing, why aren't you attacking other people and groups who have had BCHRT complaints?  The majority of complaints that include religion aren't even being done by Muslims but you'd never accuse them of being against free speech would you?

If someone spread lies about you and your family, and you sued them, I'm sure you'd laugh if someone accused you of being against free speech because of it.

Similarly, it is my understanding that the only reason this ended up here is because MacLean's, refused to publish a more balanced article, and also refused to publish alternative opinions that were written in.  Even more irresponsibly MacLean's does not belong to any kind of press council, so there was nothing left to do.

On the flip side, I would expect someone of your stereotypical views, to say "why aren't Muslims speaking out or speaking up if Muslims don't believe in so and so"?

I guess that's it, as Muslims, other extremists who hate Muslims due to their own religious bias, will always find a fault.

So let's make this clear, if Muslims were quiet everyone would continue to say "it must be true Muslims are being quiet", then when any Muslims try and speak, people are still not happy.
Original Quote
And in the news with every story about terrorists, and suicide bombers the culprits engaged in these activities are Muslims! Why don't they clean up their own backyard and deal with that, instead of ridiculous complaints and stunts llike this absurd HRC complaint.

If radical Muslims do not llike free speech then move back to the Middle East. Canada is a fine country that does not need to gag citizens for pointing out the obvious problems with Islam!

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