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Swedish foreign minister resigns over Prophet cartoon scandal

2006-03-22 07:48:58

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I think this is a sad day for democracy.  I believe in freedom of speech according to Canadian law, which unlike the US prohibits hateful materials from being published and distributed and does not consider acts deemed as hate crimes as free speech.

I am not familiar with Sweden's laws but it is a shame this woman is being the scapegoat for doing what was right.  Those cartoons are not only anti-Islamic, hurtful and harmful but they also constitute a hate crime.  I've said it again but imagine what would have happened if these articles depicted Jesus as a pedophile?  Muslims accept Jesus as a Prophet as well but the difference is that the largely Christian influenced West would likely not tolerate such blatant hate (I know there other examples such as South Park taking shots at Christianity but if the above mentioned event occurred that is crossing the line).

I honestly believe people use and abuse free speech as a way of promoting their own intolerance and hate against people and religions they dislike, and as in most cases, it often ends up being Islam with so many people (including some Muslims) unaware of the roots of their faith and the teachings of Islam in the Holy Qur'an.

Full Article:

Swedish foreign minister resigns over Prophet cartoon scandal

Sweden's foreign minister, accused of lying about her role in shutting down a website that wanted to publish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, stepped down on Tuesday.

Swedish Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds resigned Tuesday. (AP Photo/Claudio Bresciani/SCANPIX)

Laila Freivalds told reporters that she couldn't remain in the government in the "current situation."

She has been under fire because a website run by a far-right organization was shut down last month. The website had been soliciting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, which it intended to publish.

The publication of a series of cartoons of Muhammad sparked violent and often deadly demonstrations in several Muslim countries last month.

The cartoons were first published by a newspaper in Denmark in September. They were reprinted in February by newspapers in several countries, including Canada, the U.S., France, Germany and Spain.

The Swedish website was shut down on Feb. 9 after a foreign ministry official contacted the internet company that hosted it.

Critics said the ministry's action was an intrusion on freedom of speech.

Freivalds initially said she didn't order the official to contact the company, but reports from the ministry suggested she had been involved in the decision.

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