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Teen dead after alleged attack by father

2007-12-11 12:46:31

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All I can say is that this is disgusting and unfortunately people who do not like Islam will use this to say this is an Islamic teaching.  Islam does not require a woman to wear a hijab nor does it allow "honor killings".  Killing your daughter is obviously something Islam does not teach, however some Muslims believe it is ok especially if a child disobeys their supposed religious wishes.  The Qur'an alone says there is no compulsion in religion, meaning you cannot force someone to follow, obey or act a certain way.

Full Article:

Teen dead after alleged attack by father

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 | 9:58 AM ET

Peel Regional Police on Tuesday released the name of a 16-year-old Mississauga teen who died after allegedly being attacked by her father.

Aqsa ParvezAqsa Parvez

Aqsa Parvez was found in her Longhorn Trail home on Monday morning without any vital signs. 

Paramedics revived her and took her to Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, where she died late Monday night.

Police said they received a call from a man who said he'd just killed his daughter.

The victim's father, Muhammad Parvez, 57, was arrested at the scene. He will appear in court on Tuesday and face murder charges.

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Aqsa Parvez's friends told CBC News that the teen had been having arguments with her father because he allegedly wanted her to wear a traditional hijab.

"She kinda wanted to go a different way from the way her family wanted her to go," said one friend.

They also said that she wanted to escape the family conflict by running away.

On the family's quiet street, neighbours were dismayed, calling the events "a tragedy." 

One neighbour said she was "praying for the family."

At the teen's school, Applewood Heights Secondary School, grief counsellors have been called in and tributes are being arranged. 

"Aqsa was well-known at the school," said Sylvia Link, communications manager for the Peel District School Board.

"She had a wide circle of friends and … those closest to her really are [the] most affected. But anyone at the school, you know our school is like a family, you know anyone at the school is really going to be shocked and saddened by this tragic news."

Waqas Parvez, the victim's 26-year-old brother, has also been arrested and charged with obstructing police.



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