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The Fools they are

2005-10-17 22:00:00
The Fools they are
Abriham, Vancouver

I had to post this when I saw the article “To Mr. Velk”. I have noticed that same thing. I regularly read the CBC website, and you’re right. The CBC website and even radio and television do a very poor job at reporting. Why is it that every time I switch on CBC, I see the same thing; Muslim terrorist this Muslim terrorist that. This type of reporting is causing all sorts of trouble in the Muslim communities. They never say Christian KKK terrorist this and Jewish Murderer that. It’s always Muslim terrorist. Some people would argue (the morons that is), that there are only Muslim terrorists. Well here are some small facts that those fools didn’t know. The KKK is mainly a Christian organization, their mission to eliminate anyone who isn’t white. And yes the Evangelical church really does preach hate, they have been caught several times preaching against Muslims, but you don’t see that reported. Have a look at this www.moriel.org/articles/discernment/church_issues/bill_hybels_has_moslem_clergy_preaching.htm They really do hate us. They think only muslims do the murdering. Well a quick eye opener for those ‘savages’, the Crusades were the result of a Christian Pope. A 16th century Miller Mennochio was killed by the Church. Christianity murdered innocent people for the sake of Christ, they called them witches and burned them. They killed Galileo because of his science. They killed too many Muslims to count. Yes America lost 3000 on September 11th, but we have lost millions and are still loosing. And they call us savages! Get a grip CBC, and start doing a better job of reporting. If you’re going to report every single bad thing a muslim does, than do it for Christians too!

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