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The root of modern day trouble in the Muslim World created by Wahhabism/Salafism from Saudi Arabia

2014-07-02 15:07:18

This article is meant to educate and inform the readers about history and facts about Saudi Arabia's history and current events that affect both non-Muslims and Muslims around the world.  Saudi Arabia is home to the world's holiest cites in Mecca and Medinah and should above all be held to the highest standard of Islam and for mankind, but has failed completely on all levels to follow the Qur'an and to be a peaceful and positive force in both the non-Muslim and Muslim world that we are expected to emulate of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The fact is that Saudi Arabia was founded on Wahhabism and has been supported by decades by the British is reason enough for us to be distrustful of Saudi Arabia.  Why was Saudi Arabia spared the war and wrath of the British Empire while they worked to destroy the Ottomans and ultimately destroyed Palestine and the rest of the Arabian world?  Wahhabism  appears to be more of a new section of Islam rather than a sub-section of Sunni Islam.  In fact ibn Al Wahhab, its founder from the 1700's was known for being extreme from the very start of the movement for persecuting those who did not pray and stoning an adulteress to death (stoning is a Jewish punishment) so it makes sense that a new section (and all sections are haram according to Qur'an) wouldn't be a return to true Islamic values as its advocates claim.

Wahhabism has always been the driving religious and political force in Saudi Arabia and explains the many overtly harsh and even un-Islamic and at best, harsh and heartless interpretation of religion (though punishments such as stoning and being put to death for criticizing the government are not Islamic teachings nor were they the practices of the Prophet PBUH).

Wahhabi Muslims are also known somewhat interchangeably as Salafis and both movements depending on who you ask are either extremely similar or the same religion with a different name.  In fact many Wahhabis object to being identified as such and claim they are Sunnis but at the same time defend Wahhabism or claim it does not exist, thus a valid explanation for the more commonly known term Salafism.

The danger of the Wahhabi/Salafi Movement

The best example of Wahhabism in action is the history and actions of the Saudi Arabian government and it's neighbors who practice Wahhabism including in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.  They have been at the forefront of indirectly and directly aiding war, death and suffering by neighboring countries, different tribes and sections of Islam who they regard as disbelievers.  A core and startling practice of this movement is to declare someone a non-Muslim arbitrarily or according to their own interpretation of Islam, even if there is no such practice according to the Qur'an, and worse they feel it is OK to kill disbelievers (this is all contrary to the Qur'an which only allows war and violence for self-defence).  They regard any who believe or think differently than their movement as a threat and therefore a non-Muslim.

Their extreme and hateful ideology has polarized the Muslim world and has been infiltrated and subverted into Sunni Islam. In fact many who practice these beliefs will claim they are Sunni teachings and that no such group or section exists but become extremely defensive over any criticism or negative facts about the movement.

Recent Actions

The best recent example of their actions is the now widely publicized facts that Saudi Arabia has been sending weapons to the terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.  Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait have also been implicated to different degrees.  They are being called by ISIS (formerly ISIL, Nusa Front etc..) but are in reality the same group with multiple names according to the Syrian army.  As most know these groups have killed innocent Muslims and non-Muslims all while claiming they are the true believers and best followers of Islam and all while being sponsored primary by Saudi Arabia.

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