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The traits of the average person who hates Islam and Muslims, intolerance and ignorance

2008-09-28 05:23:18
We thought we'd cite a common example, that there are many things in common with those who hate Islam and Muslims and spread hate and propaganda.

It is clear that many of these people are simply uneducated racists, while others may be a combination of racists, who are also motivated by extreme religious views to destroy Islam.

Many are also on an apparent mission to amend the laws of whatever countries Muslims inhabit in order to fight Islam, unfortunately.

It is interesting that many people attempt to portray themselves as atheists but they are clearly of a different faith.  Many stop posting or copying and pasting articles from anti-Islamic websites, once people point out their comments are from sites dedicated to "eradicating Islam".  And many also stop posting when it becomes apparent that they are simply racists who admittedly hate multiculturalism, and make it clear they don't believe anyone but their own people and faith should have equal rights (often white supremacists of a Christian background - note we are not saying this represents all Christians, but these reflect a common pattern we've observed).

Many of these people are also full of misconceptions about Islam, such as the most common belief that all Muslims are immigrants and that all Muslims are Arabs.  Most are shocked to find that Islam's teachings are not only similar, but in support of their own books and own prophets including the Bible, Torah and prophets including but not limited to Abraham, Noah, Moses and Jesus.  They are even more shocked to learn that the Qur'an is the only holy book that admits people of any faith can and will go to heaven, so long as they believe in god and do good deeds.

It's unfortunate that the loudest voices are always those of extremists from different religions, while we believe people of faith in general want peace and harmony in the world

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