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Trio detained in attack on Nazareth church

2006-03-03 23:22:00

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According to the Associated Press, the three people were not thought to have been motivated by Jewish nationalism.

I just find that comment interesting because I'm sure if the attackers were Muslims, there wouldn't be anything to defend them, rather I'm sure they would link extremism or terrorism to them and they would be referred to as "Islamic Extremists".

This is just another example of the inconsistency in the media when it comes to the actions of Muslims.

Full Article:

Trio detained in attack on Nazareth church

Police in the northern Israel town of Nazareth removed three people from the Basilica of the Annunciation Friday, hours after they caused a major disturbance by setting off explosives in one of Christianity's holiest churches.

Witnesses said the trio entered the building disguised as Christian pilgrims, then caused small explosions by setting off an unknown number of firecrackers or fireworks.

A car is seen burning after being set alight by rioters in front of the Basilica of the Annunciation in the nothern Israeli town of Nazareth Friday March 3, 2006. (CP photo)

They barricaded themselves in the church for three hours, while an angry mob consisting of thousands of local residents gathered outside.

The church is holy to Christians because it is purportedly built on the spot where the Angel Gabriel predicted the birth of Jesus to his mother, Mary, in an event known as the Annunciation.

Nazareth is the town where the young Jesus is believed to have grown up.

At least two of the people who caused Friday's disturbance, a Jewish husband and his Christian wife, have previously had psychiatric treatment, the Associated Press reported. The third person detained was a woman whose relationship to the couple was not known.

Worshippers fled the Basilica as the firecrackers went off, authorities said.

Soon after, throngs of residents of the town struggled with police officers converging on the scene. As many as eight people were slightly hurt.

Christian leaders and civic officials, including the town's mayor, worked to defuse the situation.

According to the Associated Press, the three people were not thought to have been motivated by Jewish nationalism.

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