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Uighur/Uyghur Ethnic Muslims Protest in Urumqi, Xinjiang Comments about China, Islam and establishing the facts

2009-07-07 02:43:09

I think it's important to establish the facts here, many of which are in stark contrast to what is being reported in media.

I also don't believe Uighurs or Tibetans in general want indepedence or condone any form of violent protests, this is a minority of people being influenced and controlled by outside forces.  The Uighurs by the East Turkestan Independence movement (exhiled Uighurs linked to this listed terrorist group).

Some of the facts that aren't being talked about:

  • The Uighur protests are being compared to what happened in Tibet in 2008 just before the Olympic games.  In fact the video footage clearly shows the police standing by and only taking action when Tibetan protesters resorted to violence.  Similarly with the Uighur protests, there was no bloodshed until the protesters became violent.  What is still unclear is how the violence was started, one eye witness says he does not know when or how the violence started and that they started as a group of 300 protesting peacefully.  The timing of this event, after China's Uighurs were released from Guantanamo Bay is strange and convenient, and it's still unclear how the violence started in this case.

Foreign Uighur Movements Charge Beijing with Ethnic Cleansing

  • Foreign Uighur's exhiled and charged by China with links to the terrorist group "East Turkestan Independence Movement" appear to be the ones driving the and inciting these protests.  In fact some of the claims of foreign Uighurs just don't upset.
  • I have visited many major cities in China from Shanghai to Beijing, and observed Uighurs as Mosques, and several high profile Uighur stores, restaurants and even an entire Islamic district in the heart of Beijing.  In fact Mosques have always been preserved by China for well over 1200 hundred years.  If China is trying to eradicate Uighurs, why are the Mosques being left free and their restaurants able to continue operating?
  • It appears that there is a small minority of Uighurs who want independence and who are being brainwashed by foreign Uighur groups with ulterior motives, much like the Dalai Lama has done with Tibet (he has been caught several times making completely false statements about the situation in Tibet)
  • Uighurs and all minorities were given representation at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  They even did the boat scene to honor a famous Chinese Muslim General.\

There is no doubt that Islam as a religion is being facilitated by the Chinese government and that Halal restaurants and Mosques flourish and can be found throughout the country.  This puts serious question on doubts to claims that Uighurs are being persecuted for their religion.

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