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10 Steps to Permanently Defeat Islamic Terrorism

2017-05-04 00:19:31

This article is based on the phenomenon of certain individuals and groups specifically seeking to stop or defeat Islamic terrorism.  First and foremost shouldn't all terrorism be stopped regardless of ethnic or religious background?  To suggest that terrorism is perpetrated by specific religions or groups only encourages others to engage in it especially if they feel no one is paying attention because they are of a different background.

In fact if we look past judging what is "terrorism" and what is "right" or "wrong" without basing it on religion or colour we would realize that on a factual basis terrorism has been happening for ages, even before the birth of Islam, but we will get back to the "Islamic terrorism" that is being spoke of.

In writing this article and referencing terror attacks we'll be comparing and denouncing all terror attacks.  Wrong is wrong and terror is terror regardless of the religious or ethnic background of the perpetrators.

Islamic Terrorism

This was not even a term or on the radar until 9/11, when hijackers who were primarily of Saudi origin struck the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, causing thousands of people including Muslims to lose their life as victims of these horrific attacks.  Following 9/11, it is estimated that more than 461,000 people in Iraq (predominantly Muslims) lost their lives due to the illegal war and invasion.  Since the leaders who authorized the illegal attack and invasion of Iraq were predominantly of Christian denomination would it be fair to call it "Christian terrorism" and does it even matter?  Thousands of pepole lost their lives and it doesn't make the loss of life better or worse to label it terrorism as a certain group, but to avoid double standards Christian terrorism has been responsible for millions of lost lives around the world.  Of course we could also add aetheism with Pot Pol in Cambodia etc.

With a few simple examples it is easy to take things out of context or blame a certain group of people despite the history of man showing that man regardless of ethnic or religious allegiance, has committed atrocities. To denounce one act or one group over another is to reduce the value of life based on ethnic and religious lines.

Non-Islamic terrorism

As outlined earlier terrorism by other groups especially in recent years have killed nearly half a million people in Iraq between 2003 and 2011.  We haven't even counted Yemen, Syria or Palestine during this time.

However the point is why is there so much attention drawn towards terrorism only when it is considered "Islamic" even if the person his not of sound mind due to the trauma of war or other mental illness?

Is it not terrorism when a non-Muslim takes a gun and shoots at random people on the street , at school or in the mall?  The headlines will often declare the act "not to be terrorism" but most people would feel terrorized by the incident. 

Stopping all Terrorism

The key to stopping terrorism is to first of all have even enforcement and to prevent and correct the various political, social and economic problems that are all the common demoninator in virtually all cases throughout history.  And firstly those who foment terror through war or violent and incendiary rhetoric should be held accountable.  Politicans and the elite should be called to account for financing and benefiting from these acts and/or creating the issue in the first place.  The first step is to denounce all terrorism and pursue all financers and backers of violent and anti-social ideology.

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