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Is Islam Really The Religion of Peace that Muslims Practice?

2017-05-07 09:52:53

There are two answers to this two part question and the answers really come down to a factual basis and also separating actions from the teachings of any religion including Islam.  I say this because in the world there are examples of people who are of certain religions or professions that disgrace the rest and incorrect and harmful actions can't be used to stereotype or prejudice an entire group.  To find the answer you need to look into the larger picture and have an understanding of both history and the teachings of any practice or religion.

Is Islam Really The Religion Of Peace?

The meaning of Islam is simply translated as Peace. 

If Islam is the religion of peace do Muslims practice it?

The answer is the same as any group of people today, there are both good people and bad people.  When you apply this to Islam you will have the same outcome, good people will follow Islam as it was taught by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 1400 years ago and the outcome will be good actions and a happpy, stable and properous society.  However of course the opposite happens with bad people to put it simply.

 If Islam is so peaceful why do I see so much Islamic extremism and terrorism on TV?

This is a good question, the perception on TV is one thing but actual stats of who is killing who betray this narrative as it is far more likely that a Muslim will be the victim of terrorism or violence than the perpetrator.  If straight facts were reported and there were no bias in the media the narrative would be much more different.

Does the Qur'an advocate killing and violence against non-Muslims?

Killing and violence in Islam is only permissible in self-defense to save life.  Anything outside of this falls outside the teachers of Islam or rather anyone who claims they are fighting on behalf of Islam are not following the teachers of the Qur'an or the Prophet Muhammad.

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