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Rally denounces apparent B.C. hate crime

2009-07-09 21:08:13

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What I find interesting is that of course the racists and white supremists are quiet on this one.  I guarantee if these people were of a different race or religion, they would be in big trouble.

What happened in Courtenay is a disgrace and apparently not uncommon or unusual there.

The government should send a clear and strong message to white supremist groups that this will not be tolerated.  They should be given the maximum punishment, what Mr Philips and others have gone through should never happen again.

You know the story would be told much differently and handled differently by the police and government if people of a different race or religion were behind this attack.

I am also tired of seeing open racism and hate against particular groups of people by religious and racially motivated fanatics.

It's funny that when a white supremist does something, they can say anything they like under the veil of "free speech".  When someone from a different ethnic group or religious background wants to speak, or stand up against hate and racism, they are accused of all kinds of things and called names.

The racism in Canada has to stop, but in my view the government has always tolerated white supremist hate against others.

The reason is because they've never apologized to all the minorities who have been and are still being abused.  Until we see an apology for the abuse of minorities in Canada within Parliament and until we see equal reporting and treatment of non-supremists this issue won't be resolved.

Tolerant and civilized people of all races and religions should condemn this and demand our government take a stand against this, because their silence (particularly Stephen Harper's) only proves this is a long standing policy of complicity in this behavior.

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Rally denounces apparent B.C. hate crime

Last Updated: Thursday, July 9, 2009 | 7:14 PM PT Comments0Recommend0

Jay Phillips says he has received overwhelming support since he was attacked.Jay Phillips says he has received overwhelming support since he was attacked. (CBC)

Several hundred people showed up at a rally in the Vancouver Island community of Courtenay, B.C., on Thursday afternoon to support the victim of an apparent hate crime.

Jay Phillips, 38, was beaten up July 3 in an attack believed to be racially motivated. Video of the attack was later uploaded to YouTube, where it drew both media attention and community outrage.

Three men, aged 19 to 25, have been arrested and charged with assault. They are scheduled to appear in court in August.

Speaking to the throng of people gathered at the rally, Phillips said the experience has been surreal.

"This is the most overwhelming thing I have ever had to go through," he said.

Many in the small Vancouver Island coastal community responded with shock and anger. One woman at the rally said she could relate to what Phillips has endured.

"I'm bi-racial and I grew up in a time that was really hard. I was called a lot of names and it was tough growing up."

Kirsten Phillips says she has faced racism for being in a bi-racial marriage.Kirsten Phillips says she has faced racism for being in a bi-racial marriage. (CBC)

With friends and strangers lining up to shake his hand, Phillips said the support has been amazing.

"I love this place. I love it here. These people are what this valley is about."

His mother, Kirsten, who is white, said racism has been a part of her life since she married a black man.

"It started with my husband and I when we got married in the late 60s, and it hasn't stopped. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end of some of it."

Phillips said he believes he was the victim of a hate crime and wants the accused punished to the maximum extent of the law.


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