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When Government Agencies Manufacture Terror

2017-10-06 10:18:11

This is quite alarming if the RCMP (Police) in Canada could even manipulate and coerce, vulnerable, addicts who became Muslims.  A lot of rhetoric calls for "Muslims to speak out against terror and stop it".  How can we stop it when the police are the ones behind it and possibly other governments and intelligence agencies?  In fact if we look at most cases of terror no one is ever held responsible for organizing or creating the terror.  Sufficient investigation into where the financing, motivation and information of terrorism seems to be woefully lacking.  How could it be that a poice force would arrange a terror plot meant to strike its own people?


Justice Catherine Bruce says police went too far, using trickery and subterfuge to manipulate the pair

In her conclusion, Bruce wrote: "Simply put, the world has enough terrorists. We do not need the police to create more out of marginalized people who have neither the capacity nor sufficient motivation to do it themselves."

If we look at this at  a larger level or higher context of "how do terrorist groups form and who runs them?" this begs a lot of questions, some of which we know.  For example we know that ISIS was created as a result of the successful invasion and overthrow of Iraq.  Before the invasion there was no terrorism or any terrorist groups in Iraq.  Once the coalation invaded within years terrorism became rampant in Iraq and eventually spread to become the monster that we know as ISIS.

Now we know the coalation has said they are against ISIS, and ISIS has said they are against the West.

But let's look at the actions of ISIS and the Western Coalation which claims to fight ISIS.

Stated Goals of ISIS

  1. To Establish an Islamic State or Caliphate in the already Muslim country of Syria
  2. To overthrow President Al-Assad of Syria

Stated Goals of the Western Coalation

  1. To overthrow President Al-Assad of Syria
  2. To stop ISIS

What actually happened?

ISIS received logistical, financial and military support from coalition members as documented by the Syrian and Russian government.  While the coalation did drop some bombs which often killed civilians, it didn't have any impact on stopping ISIS rapid success in Syria.  In fact there have been times where the coalation has even bombed the Syrian army and massive gains by ISIS followed.  Until Russia intervened, there was arguably no noticeable difference in progress, ISIS continued to capture territory at a rapid pace.  The goals of both parties, ISIS and the coalation were the same, both were really focused on removing President Bashar Al-Assad.

During this whole ordeal there was widespread reporting that thousands of fighters for ISIS were pouring into Syria with little action from Western governments until ISIS started striking the West.  Is it not conceivable that if the Police in Canada orchtestrated a terrorism plot that something along the lines of the NSA's PRISM for terrorism couldn't have been happening in Syria and elsewhere in the world?

The answers lays in action or lack of action has anyone in the leadership of ISIS been held accountable for recruiting and smuggling people into Syria?  Proper investigation of how weapons and financing have reached terrorists in Syria hasn't been done nor has anyone been sanctioned or imprisoned.

This is just meant to be a known example from Canada of how it could scale when applied to intelligence and other government agencies in the coalation which was woefully unhelpful in fighting defeating ISIS.

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