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Syria - The Truth And Why You Should Care

2013-04-29 14:43:08

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Let's just put the situation in the simplest context and explain why half of the world's account and story about Syria is wrong (you can guess which Staterun media I'm referring to).   To put it simply, Syria is just on the verge of being another Iraq (with the new ploy and claims of chemical weapons usage) and likely almost entirely false charges against the legitimate government of Syria.

The Syrian people, or at least the majority of them don't want the instability and suffering that has become a daily occurrence in much of the country.  Just look at the mass exodus of citizens to neighboring countries and how the so-called "Opposition Activivists with guns" (as the media originally put it) have encouraged people to leave.  If they're trying to make a positive change in Syria why encourage so many people to leave unless it's just a ploy to make the world take notice and blame the issue on the government?

The whole situation is just another Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya with some very powerful people and countries see this is a investment strategy to get access to such vast oil resources and have a new foothold in the Middle East.

Some strange facts that haven't been put into context about the situation:

  • Contrary to US claims, there is proof that Al-Qaeda and other terrorists in Syria have been provided weapons from over a year according to Russia, the New York Times and other sources: http://kleinonline.wnd.com/2013/05/01/russia-delivers-another-al-qaida-warning-to-u-s-jihadists-purportedly-being-armed-by-obama-administration/
  • Israel used chemicals weapons on Palestinian civilian targets including schools just a few years ago and no investigation or world decry ever happened, let alone sanctions or other actions.  Yet, toady Israel is saying something should be done about Syria for supposedly using chemical weapons.
  • More than 10,000 Syria soldiers have been killed since the uprising.  If this started with peaceful protests or there was anything peaceful about this movement, why are so many well-armed and trained soldiers being killed?
  • Weeks ago there was a claim of chemical weapons usage by Syria and that disappeared, especially after Syria insisted it was the terrorists used chemical weapons.
  • Most of the so-called Terrorists or "Activists with weapons" are foreigners not from Syria and many are the same involved in the overthrow of Libya.
  • The most effective fighters are actually part of Al-Qaeda, at the very least as an affiliate, confirmed by many Western countries and media to be "Jabhat al-Nusra".
  • Many countries are backing the opposition including terrorists.

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