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Why do Muslims come to our country?

2017-05-02 00:12:21

Yes, it's 2017 and this is really a serious question for many in the West, especially Europe and the USA.  The last time a similar question was raised, we had the holocaust, millions of lives were lost and the displacement caused a ripple effect in the middle east causing millions more to suffer and perish.

So things are not looking too bright but this is an opportunity to educate those who were not aware of the reality for many Muslim countries for decades and longer in recent history.

Most specifically in the news for the last few years have especially been the large amounts of refugees from Syria and people ask "why do they want to come to our country"?  I don't think this is rocket science, but Syria has been rocked by instability and terrorism which ultimately has been funded and supported by the very countries the refugees are seeking safety for their families.

A Quick History

2003 - Remember Iraq

Does anyone remember the illegal and botched invasion of Iraq in 2003 based on "mountains of fake evidence" of WMDs, Chemical Weapons which never existed and were never found? Iraq was a country, people and leadership which had absolutely no hand in the 9/11 Attacks and was in fact one of the largest enemies and suppressors of Al Qaeda?  Prior to the invasion Iraq was very stable, there were no terrorist attacks and no refugees from Iraq.  Since the failed invasion, Iraq has been plagued by instability and violence.  This not only allowed Al Qaeda to thrive, but to expand and ultimately become the monster currently known as "IS" or as most of us call it "Bulldozer" aka "Daesh" because it crushes and kills all in its path regardless of who they are. 

2011 - The Foreign Funded Arab Spring Uprising Follows to Syria

The reportedly "peaceful" uprising by "activitists with guns" began with the massacre of thousands of Syrian police officers and quickly devolved into what is today understand as a campaign by wealthy nations including the USA and other EU nations to overthrow the Syrian government.  While the various terrorist groups in Syria masked themselves as "religious zealots" this has quickly been documented as being false with the fundamentals of Islam being violated in countless and shameful ways by groups which receive training and funding from abroad.  It  has been known for a long-time that this would not have been possible without the instability in Iraq and Iraq was the initial springboard for ISIS and other affiliated groups to launch attacks on Syria.

Since the uprising, thousands of Syrians have been killed and millions displaced over an agenda and plan that was not started from within and a conflict they never wanted any part of.  This is where the "why do Muslims come to our country" question comes into play.  The vast majority of countries who are receiving refugees were for the most part directly or indirectly involved in this political manoeuvre and thus bear moral, legal and monetary liability for the issue, or at the very least "because you killed them and destroyed their homes, let them seek shelter and peace in your country".

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