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A Filthy Man

2005-12-31 16:00:00
A Filthy Man
By Areeb Yasir

Recently, I witnessed the tragic separation of a daughter and her parents. A grossly incompetent husband stripped her of her last esteem and tore this wonderful woman from her loving parents. Why? How? Simply put, this filthy man bluntly told her parents ‘don’t ever call your daughter again.’ And than, he took her and his two daughters to a different province, where she knows no one; where he can further hinder her helpless. After performing Hajj (twice), divulging on cocaine and prostitutes, creating sin after sin; abusing his wife and tormenting his children; he continues his reign only because his wife does not speak out against him. She stays within the walls he set up and silently takes his abuse. She even let him disrespect and violate her own parents. What kind of man does these things? A sick twisted Muslim man, who is perhaps well liked and well known in the Fijian community. After getting the will to leave him once, his wife accepted his apology and promise of change. But nothing has really changed, his taste of prostitutes and cocaine continue and his mental abuse on her flourishes. He wins every time she stays. NO where in the Quran does it give the husband any RIGHT to forbid a child from seeing her mother and father. NO where does it state that he may torture her mercilessly with his words. NO where does it give him power to torment her each day by disrespecting her parents or kin. This perverted sinner goes unchecked and liked in the Fijian community and his family idly watches his disgusting habits happily; they too have disrespected her family.

To his family, I say this. Do not think that because you pray 5 times a day that Allah will let your ignorance to watch someone’s else daughter suffer; slide. Allah is merciful, but when you slight Him, he will be merciless. To the filthy man who thinks himself great, your time is coming, and though Allah has saved you (with the help of your in-laws) too many times; know that when you have reached your peak, you will suffer. Realize that you are in debt to your wife’s family who have saved you countless times (when you killed someone, when your kin betrayed you, when you took a monetary loan) they aided you.

To the wife, who feels helpless: You are not. The Quran states that you have every RIGHT to divorce such a man, you should consider this right seriously and start living as a woman not a slave. For your two young daughters, you need to be brave for them, or their lives will be lived in darkness and dread like yours. To the parents who cry each day for their daughter, pray to Allah, find patience, and continue to be the kind gentle people that you are. To her family, I say the same thing. Have faith in Allah, he will do justice, all you need is to believe in Him.

Women, you are not helpless creatures who need to live behind your husband. You are strong individuals who have Allah with you to guide you and protect you. And even though prayer will help you greatly, you need to make the move. Bringing your hand closer to open fire and praying for safety will not work. You need to stand up! To the husbands who abuse and torture your life partners (emotionally or physically) heed my words, a time will come, whether alive or dead, that you will be remorseful; but than Allah will say “too late.” You cannot call yourself a honorable Muslim man if you have broken your wife’s heart, disrespected her or treated her like some object who is there to serve you. It is written in the Quran, how important woman are. Mothers are so important that entrance to heaven has been linked under their feet. So hide behind religion all you want, with your prayers at the mosque, your long beards and fake words of wisdom, and sure enough you may have fooled your community; but you haven’t fooled Allah.

Filthy man, if you are reading this: know that my prayers are with your wife and children, and so are the prayers of her family and kin; Allah will not abandon them nor will He ignore their prayers. So change now, and repent, or it will be too late.

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