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The Christian Effect

2005-10-18 16:09:00
The Christian Effect
Areeb Yasir

Christian organizations are everywhere, helping and giving to the poor. They are in South Africa, India, Afghanistan, Mexio and Iran. They are everywhere, trying to help everyone. But what they are doing in exchange is preaching Christianity, encouraging Muslims and other believers from different faiths to become Christian.

Of course, the main thing is that they are helping. How many Muslim organizations out there are there in South Africa to help with the Aids problem? How many are in Mexio helping small children to feed their families? How many, NONE. So why is there such a horrible lack of Muslim aid in the world, because we are too comfortable with our lives. This is not what Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him), nor is it what the Quran stresses. We have taken the burden of the poor and thrown it away, because we simply think someone else will do it. Well, we have done nothing, perhaps at the very most, make a small dent with our monetary donations. Itís something to think about. Every year for Zakat (donations) we give out millions to the poor, but we are doing nothing. They donít know where this money is from, they only see the people giving it to them; who are normally Christian workers. We should be out there, being positive role models, especially in such turbulent times. This could all be because we donít want to make time, because we donít really care. How did we go from being some of the best people on Earth, to the worst?

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