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New Conservative Magazine Launched in Canada in Wake of Alberta Report Demise

2006-02-15 16:14:05

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"I am not Christian, I am a Jew, but I believe I have a responsibility personally to fight anti-Christian bigotry."

I have to say I find that comment from 2003 quite funny because here we are today he justifies republishing the hateful cartoons, depicting Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist and he is defending it as free speech and the normal thing to do..........
It seems to be the norm that people have double standards and use any opportunity to attack Islam.

Full Article:

New Conservative Magazine Launched in Canada in Wake of Alberta Report Demise
EDMONTON, December 18, 2003 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Former National Post columnist Ezra Levant has launched a new Canadian conservative magazine, filling a void in the Canadian market since the demise of Alberta report this summer. Levant spoke to LifeSiteNews.com yesterday about the launch of the "Western Standard."

Levant told LifeSiteNews.com that the new news magazine would be "an antidote to the mushy leftism of CBC and McLeans." The vision for the Western Standard, said Levant, is "a profitable independent news magazine respectful of conservatives." He said it would be a forum for social conservatives, libertarians and fiscal conservatives to hold an "in house" debate.

Levant stressed that while the commentary in the magazine will be "rip-snorting right conservative," the news will be fair and balanced. Because it will present both sides of the argument on issues with equal time and credible and respectful treatment of conservatives, the feel of the magazine will be a welcome change for conservatives used to the sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle bias of the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.

Conservative opinion will come from conservative icons such as Ted Byfield, who will be featured on the back page of Western Standard. Names of other conservative writers both new and well known are being closely guarded by Levant for future revelation.

The magazine will have a special appeal for conservatives from all religious stripes since unlike the former Alberta Report, which was a Christian publication, Western Standard does not come from any particular religious background. However, Christians will be pleased to hear that Levant, a Jew, sees in Canada and will report on in the magazine "anti-Christian bigotry". U.S. Jewish conservative leader Michael Medved has often risen to the defense of Christianity in attacks by the media. Levant told LifeSite, "I am not Christian, I am a Jew, but I believe I have a responsibility personally to fight anti-Christian bigotry."

Look for the first issue of Western Standard to come out in late February or early March.
See them online:

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