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The Stealth Crusade

2009-07-17 16:57:56

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It's very disturbing that this group of people is being allowed not only to destroy Islam, but obviously encouraging extremism and fundamentalism and all other acts that would defame Islam through their infiltrations.

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The Stealth Crusade

At 8 o'clock on a warm Monday morning in January, 20 students file into Rick Love's classroom at Columbia International University in South Carolina. Eyes glassy from writing papers all weekend, they clutch Styrofoam cups of Folgers as they settle into their seats. In front, an overhead projector hums; it is hooked up to the instructor's laptop, ready for a morning full of PowerPoint presentations.

Outside, CIU's piney campus is quiet. Most of the student body has not yet returned from Christmas break. But these students, all evangelical Christians, have arrived two weeks early for an intensive course on how to win converts in Islamic countries. They're learning from the master: Love is the international director of Frontiers, the largest Christian group in the world that focuses exclusively on proselytizing to Muslims. With 800 missionaries in 50 countries, Frontiers' reach extends from the South Pacific to North Africa, with every major Islamic region in between.

Love is 49, a black-leather-jacket-wearing whirlwind of a man with a salt-and-pepper beard and a quick sense of humor. He's a chronic multitasker, routinely praying aloud while drinking coffee and simultaneously reviewing his lecture notes. Little known outside the missionary world, he's an icon within it-an evangelistic entrepreneur who wins admirers with what he calls his "middle linebacker" personality. His seminars are usually closed to the media and the public.

This morning's lesson is about going undercover. Many of Love's students are missionaries themselves, temporarily home from assignments in places ranging from Kazakhstan to Kenya. They know firsthand that evangelism is illegal in many Islamic nations, and they face expulsion if their true intentions become known. Love's lesson for today is how to mask one's identity while secretly working to convert Muslims. Evangelists, he explains, should always have a ready, nonreligious explanation for their presence in hostile areas.

Love fixes his gaze on a studious, spiky-haired missionary dressed in Patagonia clothing. "If people ask you, 'Why are you here?'" he asks, "what do you say?" The young man, on leave from Southeast Asia, squirms in his chair. His jaw opens but nothing comes out. "Bingo!" Love says with a smile. "You bite your fingernails, and people go, 'Of course he's not hiding anything.'" Love notes that before he went to western Indonesia to proselytize among Sundanese Muslims, he went back to school and earned his credentials to become an English instructor. That way, he says, he had an excuse to be in the country. "I could look someone in the eye and say, 'I am an English teacher,'" he explains. "'I have a degree and I'm here to teach.'"

That, he says, is the model for winning converts in the Islamic world: Find another pretext to be in the country. Build friendships with the locals. Once you've developed trust, then it's time to try to gain new believers. But don't reveal your true purpose too early. "How did Jesus explain why he was there?" Love asks the class. "Indirectly," volunteers a veteran missionary. "He'd say, 'Why do you think I'm here?'"

"Did Jesus ever lie?" In unison, the class says, "No."

"But did Jesus raise his hand and say, 'I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?'" Again, 20 voices call out, "No!"

There are lots of ways to camouflage yourself, Love tells the students. In Indonesia, evangelists ran a quilt-making business to provide cover for Western missionaries, allowing them to employ-and proselytize-scores of Muslims.

The students nod thoughtfully; they agree that Muslims must be reached by whatever means possible. Their zeal is helping to fuel the biggest evangelical foray into the Muslim world since missionary pioneer Samuel Zwemer declared Islam a "dying religion" in 1916 and predicted that "when the crescent wanes, the Cross will prove dominant." Over the past decade, evangelical leaders say, the number of missionaries trying to convert Muslims has jumped fourfold, from several hundred in the early 1990s to more than 3,000 today. Many are sent by the Southern Baptist Convention, with the rest coming from a network of church-supported groups with names like Christar and Arab World Ministries.

Missionaries work in remote villages in Afghanistan and Pakistan; former Soviet republics like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan; Middle Eastern hot spots like Iraq, Syria, and Yemen; and African countries like Somalia and Algeria.

"We see Islam as the final frontier," says David Cashin, a professor of Intercultural Studies at CIU who used to don Muslim clothing and pursue converts in the tea shops of Kaliakoir, Bangladesh. Like many of his fellow evangelicals, Cashin regards the Islamic world as a hinterland that must be penetrated before the Messiah can return. "History is coming to an end," he says. "If you believe Christ is coming back, why has he delayed 2,000 years? We haven't finished the task he set out to do." That task, he says, is to win converts among all the world's ethnic groups.

The growing movement to hunt souls in Muslim lands-by missionaries who often pass as aid workers, teachers, or business owners-has raised hackles outside the evangelical world. Missionaries themselves acknowledge that their work endangers the lives of converts, and critics charge that it disrupts the delivery of humanitarian aid and fuels resentment of Westerners during one of the most dangerous moments in recent history. But to those at the heart of the movement, including Rick Love's students, any damage done by their work is outweighed by the importance of their mission: to wipe out Islam. "I believe it's a false religion, and I'd like to see it be gone," says Kim McHugh, a 36-year-old CIU student who is training to convert Iranian refugees in Turkey. Her husband Brent agrees. "If they don't have a chance to experience Jesus," he says, "they're going to hell."

For most Americans, the first glimpse into Muslim-world evangelism came last November, when the Taliban created heroes out of two fresh-faced missionaries named Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer. Incarcerated for three months on charges of spreading Christianity, the women made headlines after U.S. Special Forces helicopters whisked them away from a prison outside Ghazni, Afghanistan. "They had a calling to serve the poorest of the poor," President Bush said at a White House ceremony shortly after the Hollywood-style rescue. "Their faith was a source of hope that kept them from being discouraged." But Curry and Mercer were doing more than relief work: Once home, they admitted to violating Afghan law by showing "part of a Jesus film" and giving a Christian storybook to a Muslim family. Another missionary from their organization, John Weaver, also garnered wide-spread media attention for his refusal to leave Afghanistan despite the growing anti-American tensions.

Like many missionaries in Islamic countries, Weaver trained at CIU, one of three schools in the United States with a degree program specifically devoted to converting Muslims. A campus of boxy brick buildings located at the end of a wooded boulevard in Columbia, South Carolina, CIU has the look of a second-tier state college. But rather than publicizing frat parties and rock concerts, the colorful posters on its walls and bulletin boards announce prayer services and opportunities for overseas missions. In the student center, next to a wide-screen TV, a book provides Christian reviews of Hollywood movies. (Harry Potter? Amistad? Billy Elliot? All rated "very offensive.") Faculty and some 1,000 students eat together in the cafeteria, praying over smothered chicken and talking spiritedly about lessons from the New Testament.

During this two-week "winterim" session, it's hard to find anyone of traditional college age. Many of the students are from the front lines of missionary work, men and women who have spent years in Muslim countries. Christian Dedrick is squeezing in some additional schooling before returning to the field next year. A lanky 33-year-old with thick blond sideburns, a pageboy haircut, and oval, horn-rimmed glasses, he has an easygoing style and an enthusiasm for challenging conversation. Pass him on the street, and the first impression would be tweedy intellectual.

For two years, Dedrick worked in a small port city in Kazakhstan, teaching English and living with a local family, sleeping on a cotton bedroll in a sparsely furnished room he shared with his host's two sons. Although the family were devout Muslims-the father considered it a sin to leave the faith-Dedrick spent much of his time trying to persuade them to convert to Christianity. He read them the Bible and showed them a Kazakh translation of the "Jesus film," a Campus Crusade for Christ movie that graphically depicts the crucifixion of a blue-eyed Jesus. "We wrestled over that a few times," he remembers. "I'd say, 'I have to tell you what changed my life. You don't have to accept it, but I have to tell it.'" While the family didn't convert, neither did it evict the American, whose $50 in rent represented a sizable chunk of the monthly household income.

Like the other missionaries who have come to CIU, Dedrick is constantly reevaluating his evangelical technique. He rejects his old attitude as "pretty paternalistic," saying he'll ask more questions before making judgments about what he sees when he returns to Central Asia next year. But he still believes Islam is the work of the devil. "People cheer at baseball games," Dedrick says. "I cheer at worship services. And when I go to a culture 10,000 miles away and don't see that righteousness, that holiness, reflected in that culture, I get sad. Satan has deceived them away from a relationship with their creator God."

For all their work, Dedrick and his fellow missionaries win few new believers. That doesn't seem to faze them. "My goal is not to convert a Muslim," says Al Dobra, a 45-year-old with a gravelly voice and military haircut who befriends Muslim businessmen in Nairobi, Kenya, and then tries to convince them of Islam's fallacies. "My goal is to plant a tiny seed that will fester and gnaw and grow, so that eventually they will begin to question their religion. My prayer is that they will become restless sleepers and troubled by what they hear. That's a horrible thing to wish on someone."

That absolute certainty that Christianity is the only truth-and that other religions are satanically inspired-runs throughout the two weeks of Rick Love's course. One morning Tom Seckler, a dark-haired missionary with a bland face and thick black mustache, tacks the Cambodian flag to the classroom bulletin board and lays a map of the country on the overhead projector. Seckler's mission agency, World Team, has targeted the Western Cham, an impoverished Muslim minority group in Cambodia that was massacred by the thousands by the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s. Despite World Team's efforts, Seckler estimates there are only about 25 Christian converts, some of whom meet Tuesday nights in Phnom Penh. "Please pray for the Cham people," he asks his classmates. "There's a degree of self-righteousness among the Cham. They think they're okay. We don't see a big spiritual hunger among them."

The class begins to worship, eyes closed, each person offering a spontaneous request. "Lord, we come into your presence and we ask that you would give us a fresh sense of your burden and your love for Muslim people, especially the Cham," says Love. He falls silent, and then Brent McHugh takes over: "I pray, Lord, that the Cham people do hunger, and realize what they're missing in Christ."

The anti-Islam prayers reflect CIU's official attitude toward what it considers a competitor religion. Prominent on the university's Web site is an essay posted shortly after September 11. "To claim that 'Islam' means 'peace' is just one more attempt to mislead the public," it reads. "Muslim leaders have spoken of their goal to spread Islam in the West until Islam becomes a dominant, global power." The essay was written by Warren Larson, who directs the university's Muslim Studies program and served as a mentor to John Weaver, the Afghanistan missionary. A former missionary himself, Larson fears that Christianity might be losing the race for world domination. "Islam is biologically taking over the world," he says. "They're having babies faster than we are."

Before coming to CIU, Larson worked for 23 years in Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan, trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. He and his wife hosted prayer meetings, Bible studies, and informal gatherings where Muslims came for tea and Coke. Many of their neighbors showed up-some to learn about their religion, but most for more practical reasons. "People had the idea that foreigners have money," Larson says. "A lot of them would come because you might be able to help them get to America. Or they would come asking for help: 'My father, he's sick. Can you write a letter of introduction to the hospital?' Some of them would be willing to talk about Christianity. Most would not."

Larson was indeed rich by local standards. Not only did he hire Muslims for domestic help, but he also owned household luxuries like a refrigerator. And while the Larsons often engaged in community service-visiting widows, taking people to the doctor-they were still seen by some neighbors as the embodiment of the West. One morning, 200 armed Muslims stormed Larson's home, throwing bricks at his ministry's two Land Rovers, kicking down his door, and setting fire to religious literature. After that, Larson says, "whenever we would hear something that sounded like a riot, it would scare us."

The attack on Larson's home came in the midst of fierce anti-U.S. sentiment in the Muslim world, which culminated in the takeover of the American embassy in Iran in 1979. Now, in the wake of September 11, some critics say evangelists are again fueling distrust and resentment toward Westerners. Last October, Islamic militants opened fire on a church built by missionaries in Pakistan, killing 16 Christians, and Muslim rebels threatened to execute two missionaries kidnapped in the Philippines.

"The issue is the disproportional power relationship," says Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that works to promote a positive image of Muslims. "They use their resources to coerce people to do what they want them to do." Hooper remembers reviewing a proposal by a Christian agency to send veterinarians to help impoverished Fulani cattle herders in West Africa. But the plan had a caveat: "You don't get the veterinarian unless you take the missionary," he says. "When people are in desperate circumstances, they'll do things they otherwise wouldn't do."

Robert Macpherson, security director for the aid group care, remembers serving as a U.S. Marine in Somalia during the early 1990s, when some 200 organizations were working to stave off famine in the war-ravaged country. "It was dangerous, dangerous, dangerous," he recalls. Evangelicals only made matters worse, he says, by showing up at food-distribution sites and handing out Christian literature, giving the impression that food aid was contingent on conversion to Christianity. "The next thing we know, they got themselves in the middle of a riot," Macpherson recalls. Angered by the missionaries, Somalis climbed over one another to steal food and set trucks on fire. "They were desperate," he says. "They were dying. This was an emergency."

At CIU, missionaries-in-training learn to try to avoid such hostility by blending into the cultures they visit. In class one morning, Rick Love opens his Bible to the book of Acts, in which the apostle Paul takes on a disciple named Timothy. Before the two men go out to proselytize among the Jews, Paul takes Timothy to have his foreskin cut. "He says, 'Yo, Tim, you wanna join my team? You gotta get circumcised,'" Love tells his students. "How's that for high standards? Wow!"

Love is hardly suggesting that his male students undergo the knife. He's making a bigger point: To win converts in a foreign culture, you must take on the behaviors of that culture, even adopting the rituals of another religion. The practice is called "contextualization," and it's one of the hottest topics among missionaries. The idea is to get away from the old-fashioned practice of importing American-style Christianity, complete with wooden pews and Western hymns. Instead, missionaries today are more likely to take on Muslim names, dress in veils and other local clothing, prostrate themselves during prayer, and even fast during Ramadan. "We must become Muslims to reach Muslims," says Cashin, the CIU professor.

If a first-century evangelist can undergo circumcision to win converts, how far can a 21st-century missionary go? At lunch, Christian Dedrick takes a spoonful of his wife's homemade broccoli soup and ponders the question aloud. "Should we call ourselves Muslims?" he asks. "The old meaning of the word is 'one who submits.' In Jordan, the missionaries had 'Jesus mosques.' They called themselves 'Muslims of the Messiah.' We wrestled with that. We wanted to call God 'Allah' so we could be on that relational level with Muslims."

Dedrick drew the line at appearing too Muslim-but others haven't. "One team in the Middle East has a policy of not allowing missionaries to identify themselves as Christians," reports the journal Evangelical Missions Quarterly. Another team "called themselves Jesus-ists" and presented themselves as "one of many Sufi or dervish mystical orders." The journal Missiology says that missionaries urge Palestinian students to adopt Christian beliefs-but to still call themselves Muslim.

When pressed, evangelicals acknowledge that they often blur the distinctions between the two religions and fail to disclose their intentions. "The line between guile and withholding information is very, very thin," says one missionary at CIU who asked not to be identified for security reasons. He admits that he rarely tells his Muslim neighbors why he's living among them-demurely calling himself a "language student"-and that he's been forced to terminate friendships with those who ask too many questions. "To have integrity in that is a challenge," he says.

Many Islamic and Christian leaders alike believe that evangelical groups often fail the integrity challenge. "Once you have this kind of sneaky way, the respect for the holy is gone," says Sayyid Syeed, secretary general of the Islamic Society of North America. Sacred rituals, such as prostration and the Ramadan fast, are used to lure people away from their own religion. "The missionary," says Syeed, "is seen as someone who is stabbing you in the back."

For Donna Derr, the honesty issue is not an abstract one. She's the associate director of international emergency response for Church World Service, which provides aid in more than 80 countries while barring outright proselytizing. From her perspective, Christian evangelizing-particularly by missionaries who masquerade as humanitarian workers-makes it harder for legitimate aid organizations to relieve poverty, malnutrition, and disease. "Groups that have the need to proselytize color us all with the same brush," says Derr. As a result, she says, it's harder to win the trust of those communities her group is trying to serve. She recalls one Southeast Asian nation where rural families suffer from debilitating diseases. "It was difficult to get the local governments to allow us to come in," Derr says, "because they had somebody in the past who tried to start a Christian church. They'd say, 'Oh, your name is Church World Service. You're going to do the same thing.'" In other cases, she adds, evangelicals provoked so much resentment "that the other groups doing aid had to pull out, simply because it was too dangerous."

Derr and others note that there is another model for missionary work, one followed by many mainline Christians: serving those in need without actively recruiting new believers. For example, Catholic Relief Services delivers food and blankets to Afghanistan, builds drinking-water systems in Morocco, and promotes small-business development among Egyptian women-all without trying to recruit Muslims to Catholicism. "We reflect our beliefs in our actions, in our relations, in our respect for people," says Ken Hackett, the agency's director. "We don't ask even our own staff to convert. If you're a good Muslim, you're a good Muslim."

Rick Love admits that some evangelical groups "are unwise in how they share their faith." But even if it takes some stretching of the truth, he adds, it would be wrong to ignore the call to share the Word. "That is what the Bible teaches," he says, "so I could never be part of an organization that focuses on deed only." As Love sees it, the lack of religious freedom in many Islamic countries forces missionaries to conceal their intentions. "I want the freedom to share my faith with you and not be persecuted," he says, "and I want you to have the same with me. It should be a matter of persuasion, and not political power."

On the last day of the "winterim" session, things turn decidedly somber in Love's classroom. It's the lesson in which the instructor reminds his students that their work can have dire-even deadly-consequences for the people they try to convert. He refers to Curry and Mercer, the two Americans who were airlifted from a Taliban prison two months earlier. "What happened with Dayna and Heather is not typical," he says. "We do have people imprisoned, but usually you're asked to leave. We get a ticket out of the country-but the new believers, what do they face? Loss of job, children taken away, imprisonment, torture, even martyrdom."

Of all the criticisms launched at Christian evangelists, this is the one that's least disputed: Missionary work often puts local believers in serious danger. "It is common for mission agencies to be expelled from countries awash with persecution," reports an internal study by the Southern Baptist Convention based on 300 interviews in 45 countries. "Virtually overnight, local believers are left destitute and exposed." The study cites Indonesia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan as particularly repressive. In one East African community, it reports, converts were "systematically hunted down and martyred by adherents to Islam. Other believers are displaced; they live in refugee camps; they reside in adjacent countries, or in the West." The common thread among the victims? "All those martyred had a relationship to expatriate Christians that contributed to their deaths." In another country unnamed in the report, "significant numbers of Muslim-background believers were arrested and tortured due to their relationship to the expatriate missionary."

Tahir Lavi converted to Christianity during secret midnight Bible-study sessions at a madrassah in Kashmir where he was studying the Koran. His parents disowned him, and he was forced to flee after a group of men threatened to kill him. For the past 13 years, he has lived in exile in a small house at the end of a narrow lane in a north Delhi slum. But despite the risks, he continues to preach to other Muslims, exhorting them in the words of Jesus: "Take up your cross and follow me."

Indeed, evangelical leaders encourage missionaries to continue proselytizing, even though converts might be tortured or killed. "Missionaries need maturity and spiritual toughness so that when the fruits of their witness are required to walk through the fire, the missionary does not automatically attempt to rescue them," the Southern Baptist study urges. "Persecution is Biblically and historically normative for the emerging church; it cannot be avoided or eliminated.... To avoid persecution is to hamper the growth of the kingdom of God."

In the end, say evangelicals, the earthly suffering of Christians pales before the eternal hell to which Muslims are sentenced. "It's hard for me to say, 'I have a passport out of here if things get out of hand, but you have to stay here and take it,'" says Raymond Weiss, a former missionary in Bahrain. "But that's what Jesus says: Sometimes it will be fathers and mothers against each other for his sake. If Jesus is cosmically, ultimately true, then whatever cost in this world is nothing."

With that shared assumption, Rick Love's students are returning to the field, to share the New Testament in the places they're least wanted. The class at CIU has inspired them to renew their efforts to save Muslims from what they consider a false religion. "Some Christians have said to us, 'They have their own faith; why do you need to reach them?'" says Brent McHugh, the evangelist bound for Turkey. "But if you lean your ladder against the wrong wall and you spend your life climbing up that ladder, when you get to the top, you'll find there's nothing there."



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  • More comments about the recent Uighur and Han violence in Xinjiang
    2009-07-08 11:12:10
  • Uighur/Uyghur Ethnic Muslims Protest in Urumqi, Xinjiang Comments about China, Islam and establishing the facts
    2009-07-07 02:43:09
  • Another example of Hadith introducing beliefs that contradict our Qur'an
    2009-01-06 13:46:22
  • Rebuttal to anti-Islamists over the state of Israel
    2009-01-04 01:18:09
  • Comment about People Who Attack Islam
    2008-10-30 23:45:14
  • Dangers of Hadith Hadeeth
    2008-10-29 13:16:23
  • Response To People Who Say Qur'an Was Not Written On Paper
    2008-10-29 12:54:09
  • Muslims Should Not Follow Blindly
    2008-10-29 03:46:37
  • Warning to Muslims Not To Distort The Meaning of Halal
    2008-10-28 03:35:14
  • General Colin Powell Remarks
    2008-10-24 01:36:36
  • Contact UniteIslam.com
    2008-10-18 01:19:39
  • An End To The Muslim Debate Over Sighting The Moon To Determine When Ramadan Begins & Ends
    2008-10-16 02:33:58
  • Reply To People Who Stereotype All Muslims As Extremists Due To The Actions Of A Few
    2008-10-11 00:22:00
  • Response to people who accuse Muslims of being against Free Speech regarding the MacLean's BCHRT Case
    2008-10-10 23:59:50
  • More Debates about Violence In Islam
    2008-10-10 18:47:34
  • Muslim Saves Jewish Man from anti-semtic attacks by Christian Extremists
    2008-10-10 11:04:59
  • Rebuttal to anti-Islamists who say the Qur'an allows the killing of disbelievers.
    2008-10-07 15:56:31
  • Media's Portrayal of "Islamists"
    2008-10-07 12:12:34
  • The traits of the average person who hates Islam and Muslims, intolerance and ignorance
    2008-09-28 05:23:18
  • The Prophet Muhammad Had Nothing To Gain By Challenging The Existing Leaders
    2008-09-28 05:13:59
  • A Filthy Man
    2005-12-31 16:00:00
  • Canada Makes More Sense
    2005-10-25 17:00:00
  • How Disgusting
    2005-10-25 17:00:00
  • Response to Jim Reed's Well Written Article
    2005-10-25 17:00:00
  • My response to a viewpoint article from Tom Velk on CBC
    2005-10-25 17:00:00
  • Allah is GOD in "Aramaic", the language Jesus spoke
    2005-10-25 17:00:00
  • Canada In Afghanistan
    2005-10-25 16:50:00
  • Mennochio
    2005-10-19 21:10:00
  • I concur
    2005-10-19 21:10:00
  • The BCMA
    2005-10-19 21:10:00
  • Muslim men!
    2005-10-19 21:10:00
  • They’re already dead.
    2005-10-18 16:20:00
  • Any name for God
    2005-10-18 16:20:00
  • No longer Christian?
    2005-10-18 16:20:00
  • I’m Free
    2005-10-18 16:20:00
  • The Christian Effect
    2005-10-18 16:09:00
  • CBC Mr. Velk View Point Reaction
    2005-10-17 22:00:00
  • The Fools they are
    2005-10-17 22:00:00
  • For the Battered Woman in Islam
    2005-10-17 22:00:00
  • The Worst People.
    2005-10-17 22:00:00
  • Of Culture and Religion
    2005-10-17 22:00:00
  • American Intolerance For Islam
    2005-05-12 06:40:00
  • Talk of the Town
    2005-04-30 04:41:00
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  • Quebec’s religious neutrality bill 62 is an Anti-Muslim Veil Burka, Niqab, Burka Ban
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    2009-07-16 23:57:14
  • Rumor-mongers express remorse over fabrications about factory brawl
    2009-07-10 19:44:31
  • Uygur victims of south China toy factory brawl condemn Xinjiang riot
    2009-07-10 19:41:32
  • Victim's relative: Shaoguan, Urumqi violence have no link
    2009-07-10 19:38:19
  • Uighurs and China's Xinjiang Region
    2009-07-10 18:12:50
  • China orders mosques closed amid ethnic unrest
    2009-07-09 22:59:26
  • Rally denounces apparent B.C. hate crime
    2009-07-09 21:08:13
  • China ramps up propaganda to quell unrest
    2009-07-09 15:11:09
  • Iran mosque explosion kills at least 15, wounds 50
    2009-05-28 18:28:48
  • Rights report targets Canada over missing women, land claims
    2009-05-28 18:27:05
  • Cannon vague on Jewish settlements issue
    2009-05-25 14:24:59
  • British MP Galloway says he'll sue Kenney, Jewish groups for libel
    2009-05-03 23:37:34
  • Racism accusations fly over man in Sudan denied emergency passport
    2009-04-03 21:24:14
  • B.C. man pepper-sprayed by U.S. border guard
    2009-03-06 02:51:56
  • 'Good without God' ad campaign raises questions in Vancouver
    2009-02-03 16:30:05
  • Israel threatens 'disproportionate' response to Hamas rocket fire
    2009-02-01 10:22:31
  • Turkish PM gets hero's welcome after shouting match with Israeli leader
    2009-01-30 09:04:15
  • Israel pounds Gaza tunnels as U.S. Mideast envoy arrives in region
    2009-01-28 09:08:58
  • Air strike, bombing threaten fragile Gaza ceasefire
    2009-01-27 14:55:33
  • Hockey player says Burnaby fight was racially motivated
    2009-01-26 23:29:01
  • War in Gaza draws U.S. viewers in droves to watch Al-Jazeera English
    2009-01-24 15:17:44
  • Surrey victim of alleged police attack claims he was kicked, robbed and racially abused
    2009-01-23 20:04:26
  • Fragile ceasefire continues in Gaza
    2009-01-23 19:14:16
  • Muslims react with hope, caution to Obama's offer of 'new way forward'
    2009-01-21 13:55:16
  • Gaza reconstruction to cost billions
    2009-01-20 04:17:54
  • Israel pulling out of Gaza; Hamas ceases fire - at least for now
    2009-01-19 00:58:47
  • Before ceasefire, Gaza doctor's grief was heard on live Israeli TV
    2009-01-19 00:45:55
  • UN headquarters in Gaza City hit by Israeli artillery
    2009-01-15 03:13:42
  • Israel accused of Gaza 'genocide'
    2009-01-13 18:09:47
  • UN: No fighters in targeted school
    2009-01-08 16:18:18
  • UN and Red Cross halt Gaza aid deliveries after Israeli attacks on staff
    2009-01-08 13:54:01
  • TIME Magazine: The Bible & The Apocalypse
    2009-01-08 00:26:19
  • Time Magazine Explains the Israel & Palestine Situation - "The End: How It Got That Way"
    2009-01-08 00:18:22
  • Canada gives $4M for Gaza relief
    2009-01-08 00:05:06
  • Rockets fired from Lebanon strike northern Israel
    2009-01-08 00:03:38
  • New Democrat statement on the situation in the Middle East
    2009-01-07 12:08:54
  • UN Security Council must not fail civilians caught in Gaza conflict
    2009-01-07 01:45:29
  • Palestinian supporters in Vancouver rally against Israeli attacks
    2009-01-03 17:59:39
  • 9 Muslim passengers kicked off U.S. flight over remark
    2009-01-02 13:05:51
  • UN chief calls for ceasefire as Israel pounds Hamas targets
    2008-12-30 00:46:46
  • Chopra: Attack prompts tough questions
    2008-11-26 22:15:37
  • Michael turns Muslim
    2008-11-23 01:41:44
  • Jacko a Muslim?
    2008-11-23 01:21:46
  • U.S. authorities uncover skinhead plot to assassinate Obama
    2008-10-27 16:16:10
  • Charges dropped against 5 Guantanamo detainees
    2008-10-22 01:45:09
  • Muslim Group Opposes Little Big Planet's Censorship
    2008-10-22 01:35:40
  • Officials' actions contributed to men's torture
    2008-10-21 19:11:11
  • Man killed wife in Facebook row
    2008-10-18 01:36:52
  • B.C. Human Rights Commission rejects complaint against Maclean's
    2008-10-11 00:45:27
  • Who speaks for Islam? - Gallup Report Disproves Stereotypes Against Muslims & Islam
    2008-10-11 00:34:16
  • Judge orders release of Uighurs into U.S.
    2008-10-07 11:56:15
  • Islam convert jailed 35 years for plotting U.S. mall attack
    2008-09-30 21:19:46
  • One more day of Ramadan for BC Muslims
    2008-09-30 16:41:53
  • Muslim workers ponder next steps in Nebraska prayer dispute
    2008-09-21 17:12:13
  • Uprising from the ashes of history
    2008-08-14 16:49:16
  • Christian activist's whereabouts unknown after detention in China
    2008-08-13 13:56:59
  • 1 dead, several injured by blasts in China's Xinjiang region
    2008-08-09 17:39:05
  • An attack in a Muslim-majority province in far western China has left 16 police officers dead.
    2008-08-04 22:56:33
  • Forum hopes to clear up misconceptions about Islam
    2008-07-30 12:00:15
  • 29 dead, dozens wounded as blasts hit western India
    2008-07-26 19:26:09
  • Muslim man wins human rights case of post-9/11 paranoia
    2008-07-23 23:18:45
  • Hamas, Hezbollah websites hosted by Canadian servers
    2008-07-11 19:11:32
  • Big mosque on the Prairie opens in Calgary
    2008-07-06 19:18:29
  • Rights commission dismisses complaint against Maclean's
    2008-06-29 14:15:25
  • Guantanamo detainees were tortured, medical exams show
    2008-06-18 10:13:28
  • Little Mosque producers strike deal with Fox
    2008-06-11 01:12:36
  • Race the top motivator for hate crimes in Canada: report
    2008-06-10 09:31:03
  • Emotions run high over Maclean's article
    2008-06-07 10:56:50
  • Tribunal hears final arguments on Maclean's article
    2008-06-06 21:18:51
  • Freedom of speech needs to be upheld, embattled Maclean's writer says
    2008-06-06 21:15:10
  • B.C. tribunal hears complaint against Maclean's article
    2008-06-02 20:31:01
  • Israeli soldiers told to be careful what they post on Facebook
    2008-04-11 23:47:58
  • Clash between traditional values, modern culture may be behind teen's death
    2007-12-12 13:51:30
  • Teen dead after alleged attack by father
    2007-12-11 12:46:31
  • White supremacists, anti-racism protesters clash in Calgary over veiled voting
    2007-10-17 00:07:36
  • Canada denies Muslim husband entry visa
    2007-10-16 22:18:16
  • B.C. detention was bid to silence anti-war activists, American says
    2007-10-16 04:43:44
  • After public hearing council is exploring exemptions to smoking by-law
    2007-09-20 18:38:03
  • Smoking ban threatens Vancouver's hookah tea houses
    2007-09-20 15:59:29
  • Iranian president banned from laying wreath at Ground Zero
    2007-09-20 15:07:09
  • Elections Canada chief won't back down on veiled voting
    2007-09-11 01:44:55
  • 'Chilly climate' greets Muslim university students: report
    2007-03-21 14:49:50
  • Former Israeli PM speaks to Vancouver audience
    2006-12-22 14:54:52
  • Moussaoui lashes out at defence lawyers
    2006-04-14 06:28:57
  • Israel fires missiles into Palestinian presidential compound
    2006-04-04 16:08:59
  • Ottawa cuts links with Palestinian Authority, Hamas
    2006-03-29 21:35:45
  • Israel's anti-Arab parties
    2006-03-29 20:27:45
  • Olmert declares victory in Israeli election, vows compromise
    2006-03-29 05:16:10
  • Peace falls off agenda in Israeli vote
    2006-03-27 19:07:16
  • Swedish foreign minister resigns over Prophet cartoon scandal
    2006-03-22 07:48:58
  • Canada concerned over Afghan facing death for being a Christian
    2006-03-22 07:40:05
  • Pentagon probes alleged marine 'rampage' in Iraq
    2006-03-20 19:31:51
  • Arab League, Muslim groups blame U.S., Britain for Jericho raid
    2006-03-14 20:34:28
  • Toronto marchers back right to publish Muhammad cartoons
    2006-03-12 08:36:03
  • Israel will establish borders in 4 years: Olmert
    2006-03-10 18:26:21
  • Jewish settlers terrorizing Palestinians with impunity, UN expert says
    2006-03-08 20:08:37
  • Trio detained in attack on Nazareth church
    2006-03-03 23:22:00
  • U.S., India sign nuclear deal
    2006-03-02 21:28:50
  • Iran says UN agency's report shows Tehran not trying to make nuclear weapons
    2006-02-28 22:25:24
  • Local Muslim community holds open house
    2006-02-23 06:00:09
  • US rejects Guantanamo closure call
    2006-02-17 22:31:30
  • Muslim groups praise Canadian response to cartoons
    2006-02-17 20:59:58
  • Pakistani cleric announces big reward for killing Prophet cartoonist
    2006-02-17 18:04:42
  • Comments on Klein's wife spark new controversy for Western Standard
    2006-02-16 03:00:12
  • Australian TV shows what it says are new photos of Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse
    2006-02-15 17:39:59
  • Western Canadian magazine publishes Muhammad cartoons
    2006-02-15 16:22:02
  • New Conservative Magazine Launched in Canada in Wake of Alberta Report Demise
    2006-02-15 16:14:05
  • Harper 'regrets' publication of Muslim caricatures; group warns of danger to troops
    2006-02-15 16:06:07
  • The power of the press: a double-edged sword
    2006-02-07 06:47:00
  • Annan: Media should respect religion
    2006-02-07 06:46:00
  • Israeli troops, Jewish settlers clash
    2006-02-02 09:20:00
  • Christian gang arrested in Guatemala
    2006-02-02 09:17:00
  • Fearful Christmas in Baghdad
    2005-12-29 15:43:00
  • 'My kidnappers were not criminals'
    2005-12-29 15:41:00
  • Israeli sonic booms terrorising Gaza
    2005-12-29 12:27:00
  • Top US general: Iraqis want us out
    2005-12-29 10:39:00
  • Pakistani man charged in 'honour killings' of 4 daughters
    2005-12-29 09:45:00
  • Shia family murdered by Sunni insurgents: police
    2005-12-29 09:44:00
  • Two suicide attacks in Mideast leave 8 dead
    2005-12-29 06:47:00
  • Catholic patriarch calls for dismantling of Israel's security wall
    2005-12-24 18:02:00
  • New threats of violence in Indonesia
    2005-12-24 06:42:00
  • US confirms monitoring Muslim homes
    2005-12-24 06:40:00
  • European arrest warrants issued for 22 purported CIA agents in alleged kidnap
    2005-12-23 08:03:00
  • Rare 1st edition of King James Bible surfaces in Manitoba
    2005-12-22 11:06:00
  • Church urges PM to demand withdrawal of troops from Iraq
    2005-12-22 10:26:00
  • Israel threatens to cut Gaza power
    2005-12-22 09:43:00
  • Israel, Palestinians argue over tourist access to Bethlehem
    2005-12-22 07:30:00
  • Row builds over Jerusalem voting
    2005-12-21 07:10:00
  • Elections may be cancelled if Israel bars Palestinian in Jerusalem from vote
    2005-12-21 07:07:00
  • Serbs on trial for Srebrenica massacre
    2005-12-20 11:26:00
  • Israeli court upholds guerrilla's right to claim compensation for torture
    2005-12-20 10:36:00
  • Scholar: There is no clash of civilisations
    2005-12-20 08:11:00
  • Iraq election body rejects fraud claims
    2005-12-20 08:02:00
  • Iran warns Israel of swift retaliation
    2005-12-20 08:01:00
  • Final results in Iraqi election delayed; officials probe widespread complaints
    2005-12-20 07:27:00
  • Suspected CIA flight landed at Gander: report
    2005-12-19 12:14:00
  • Police investigating Sydney race riots find pistol, ammunition in house raids
    2005-12-19 08:47:00
  • Life returns to Palestinian village
    2005-12-15 07:34:00
  • US 'must fight for Palestine'
    2005-12-15 07:24:00
  • UK rules out public inquiry into London transit bombing
    2005-12-14 12:18:00
  • Progressive Muslim MeetUps
    2005-12-14 10:18:00
  • Rare Islamic texts to go online
    2005-12-14 09:12:00
  • Israel approves building of hundreds of new homes in West Bank
    2005-12-14 07:00:00
  • Iranian president calls Holocaust a 'myth'
    2005-12-14 07:00:00
  • Calls grow to free Iraq hostages
    2005-12-13 12:30:00
  • Investigator of alleged CIA prisons suspects abductions, illegal transfers
    2005-12-13 12:28:00
  • Who'd have thought it - Blinky Bill, the face of race hatred
    2005-12-12 19:57:00
  • Sons of beaches: a land girt by bigots
    2005-12-12 19:54:00
  • Alan Jones: I'm the person that's led this charge
    2005-12-12 19:52:00
  • Indonesia Muslims to guard churches
    2005-12-11 12:54:00
  • How a Belgian girl next door ended up a suicide bomber in Iraq
    2005-12-07 16:34:00
  • Muslim convert lashes out at teachers
    2005-12-07 16:31:00
  • U.S. bans use of torture
    2005-12-07 16:03:00
  • Muslim clerics demand release of captive Westerners
    2005-12-07 16:00:00
  • Rice says cruel interrogation barred, leaves questions about U.S. practices
    2005-12-07 15:58:00
  • Christian agency blames U.S. for kidnappings
    2005-11-30 09:33:00
  • Britain gags report that Bush targeted Arab TV
    2005-11-23 11:16:00
  • Memo: Bush wanted Aljazeera bombed
    2005-11-22 08:17:00
  • Emotional Democrat becomes latest symbol of gathering storm over Iraq
    2005-11-18 07:41:00
  • White House blamed for Iraq abuses
    2005-11-17 07:36:00
  • Iraqi group urges prison abuse inquiry
    2005-11-16 07:05:00
  • Starved, tortured prisoners found in Iraqi cell
    2005-11-15 11:29:00
  • Failed Jordan hotel bomber had three brothers killed by U.S. forces in Iraq
    2005-11-15 08:16:00
  • EU to investigate allegations of secret CIA prisons
    2005-11-03 15:06:00
  • Low-altitude flights over Gaza a form of punishment: doctors' groups
    2005-11-03 15:05:00
  • CIA running secret prison system: report
    2005-11-02 13:10:00
  • CSIS head says Iraq war 'serious concern' for Canada's safety
    2005-10-31 20:16:00
  • U.S. soldiers accused of assaulting Afghan prisoners
    2005-10-31 12:55:00
  • Israeli defence minister: no peace with Palestinians in this generation
    2005-10-28 07:29:00
  • Iran's anti-Israel remarks: Arabs mum
    2005-10-27 12:28:00
  • Arar was tortured, inquiry fact-finder concludes
    2005-10-27 09:55:00
  • UN report says Volvo, DaimlerChrysler among those who paid Saddam kickbacks
    2005-10-27 09:33:00
  • Canada joins world in expressing dismay over Iranian leader's attack on Israel
    2005-10-27 08:26:00
  • Banish Iran from UN, Peres demands
    2005-10-27 08:25:00
  • Religious turbulence hits Indonesia
    2005-10-27 08:21:00
  • Guantanamo ordeal of Aljazeera cameraman
    2005-10-26 10:56:00
  • Relief workers warn winter could bring 2nd catastrophe to Pakistan quake zone
    2005-10-26 08:55:00
  • UN raises quake aid appeal
    2005-10-26 08:26:00
  • 4 dead in blast at Israeli market
    2005-10-26 08:14:00
  • Israel fires missiles into Gaza
    2005-10-25 07:45:00
  • Spain issues warrant for U.S. soldiers
    2005-10-19 13:32:00
  • Israel Supreme Court bans military use of Palestinian civilians as 'shields'
    2005-10-06 09:24:00
  • Israel accused of skewing elections
    2005-10-03 12:06:00
  • Aljazeera cameraman 'asked to spy'
    2005-09-26 09:17:00
  • Billions plundered from Iraq military
    2005-09-22 08:20:00
  • Israel repeats threat to hamper polls
    2005-09-21 07:35:00
  • Israeli Arabs cannot be 'terror victims'
    2005-08-31 13:07:00
  • Israel orders Palestinian land seized
    2005-08-29 07:25:00
  • Reuters demands cameraman be freed
    2005-08-29 07:23:00
  • US televangelist wants Chavez killed
    2005-08-23 07:37:00
  • US church rebukes Israel for barrier
    2005-08-17 10:51:00
  • Settler-funding a billion dollar question
    2005-08-17 10:49:00
  • Gaza evacuation begins; Israeli gunman kills 3 in West Bank
    2005-08-17 09:28:00
  • Iraqi civilian casualties
    2005-08-09 12:54:00
  • Jewish settler kills 4 Arab Israelis on bus
    2005-08-05 04:15:00
  • West Bank barrier a violation of Israel's rights obligations: UN experts
    2005-08-04 07:33:00
  • Israel to expand West Bank settlement even as it quits Gaza Strip
    2005-08-04 07:26:00
  • Al-Qaida's deputy threatens more attacks in Britain in videotape
    2005-08-04 07:12:00
  • Hate crimes against U.K. Muslims soar
    2005-08-03 13:46:00
  • Straw admits UK part of Iraq problem
    2005-08-02 07:21:00
  • Jewish leaders worried by escalating Israel-Vatican spat over terror
    2005-07-29 10:24:00
  • MI5 links bomb attacks to Iraq war
    2005-07-29 09:02:00
  • Palestinians protest Gaza smokescreen
    2005-07-28 07:47:00
  • Israeli forces kill teenager in Jenin
    2005-07-28 07:14:00
  • CSIS denies imam's charge
    2005-07-28 07:07:00
  • Italian court issues arrest warrants for more CIA agents
    2005-07-25 13:53:00
  • Man shot by U.K. police not connected to bomb attacks
    2005-07-24 00:43:00
  • Settlers kill W Bank boy, witnesses say
    2005-07-20 13:57:00
  • Britain's alliance with U.S. puts it at risk of terrorism, think tank says
    2005-07-18 09:29:00
  • Report ties London bombs to Iraq war
    2005-07-18 09:27:00
  • Geneva Convention not for al-Qaeda, U.S. court says
    2005-07-15 16:32:00
  • Dozens killed in Iraq violence
    2005-07-15 09:44:00
  • Many killed in Iraq violence
    2005-07-15 09:42:00
  • Palestinian civilians die in Gaza battle
    2005-07-15 09:41:00
  • Angered by Iraq war, bombers driven to suicide attacks, say friends
    2005-07-15 09:39:00
  • Report: civilian deaths in Iraq far exceed those of military and police
    2005-07-14 11:01:00
  • Bloody Week in Iraq; One US Airstrike Destroys an Ambulance............
    2005-07-13 15:35:00
  • Guantanamo inmate forced to wear bra, act like a dog: report
    2005-07-13 15:32:00
  • Ex-U.S. Marine: I Killed Civilians in Iraq
    2005-07-13 15:23:00
  • Top Israeli official says barrier meant to ensure Jewish majority in Jerusalem
    2005-07-11 11:17:00
  • Israel accused of redrawing borders
    2005-07-11 09:34:00
  • Thousands mark 10th anniversary of slaughter of almost 8,000
    2005-07-11 09:20:00
  • EU envoy says Jerusalem barrier raises humanitarian concerns
    2005-07-11 09:19:00
  • Israel razes Palestinian homes
    2005-07-05 11:04:00
  • Palestinians under attack from settlers
    2005-07-04 07:17:00
  • Israeli army seals off Gaza strip
    2005-06-30 06:57:00
  • Qur'an thrown in toilet by U.S. guards: ex-prisoner
    2005-06-28 11:04:00
  • NBC: Misjudging Aljazeera led to alert
    2005-06-28 07:30:00
  • Israel accused of covering up murders
    2005-06-27 13:30:00
  • Israeli military court convicts soldier in fatal shooting of British activist
    2005-06-27 07:21:00
  • US 'admits' torturing prisoners
    2005-06-24 09:03:00
  • Torture at Guantanamo Bay: UN investigators
    2005-06-23 11:08:00
  • Watchdog: Israeli military probe of Palestinian civilian
    2005-06-22 11:34:00
  • Israel signals renewed assassinations
    2005-06-22 11:33:00
  • Israel criticised over civilian casualties
    2005-06-22 11:32:00
  • The US war with Iran has already begun
    2005-06-20 09:33:00
  • Israel to build 700 new settler homes
    2005-06-20 09:12:00
  • Israeli, Palestinian killed in shootings
    2005-06-20 08:49:00
  • Israel to build sea barrier off Gaza
    2005-06-17 10:21:00
  • Jewish group wants Kazemi exhibit restored
    2005-06-13 10:50:00
  • No plans to close Guantanamo Bay, Cheney says
    2005-06-13 09:37:00
  • Russian envoy meets al-Sadr in Iraq
    2005-06-13 09:36:00
  • Saudis debate ban on women drivers
    2005-06-13 09:31:00
  • Palestinian militant groups step up threat to call off ceasefire
    2005-06-13 09:22:00
  • Outgoing chief warns extremist Jews could open fire during Gaza pullout
    2005-06-09 10:17:00
  • Rumsfeld blames Aljazeera over Iraq
    2005-06-06 13:38:00
  • Library removes Kazemi photos after complaint
    2005-06-06 13:26:00
  • Israeli army kills Islamic Jihad leader
    2005-06-06 10:33:00
  • US rejects calls to shut Guantanamo
    2005-06-06 09:48:00
  • U.S. admits abuses to Qur'an in Guantanamo
    2005-06-03 14:46:00
  • Religion, suicide terrorism link disputed in book
    2005-06-02 19:02:00
  • Israeli troops admit 'eye for eye' killing spree
    2005-06-02 19:00:00
  • War crimes court asked to investigate 7 suspects in Srebrenica execution video
    2005-06-02 18:51:00
  • Bosnian mother turns on TV to see son executed in Srebrenica massacre video
    2005-06-02 18:50:00
  • Outrage greets new Israeli military chief
    2005-06-02 14:12:00
  • Afghan mosque bombed, killing at least 20 and wounding dozens
    2005-05-31 15:42:00
  • Jerusalem engineer wants to demolish Palestinian homes for national park
    2005-05-31 15:31:00
  • Israel strikes Gaza refugee camp
    2005-05-29 16:09:00
  • Probe finds 5 cases of Qur'an 'mishandling' at Guantanamo Bay, commander says
    2005-05-26 07:18:00
  • Nuclear treaty members fail to reach consensus as UN conference winds down
    2005-05-26 07:09:00
  • Nuclear debate turns heat on Israel
    2005-05-26 07:07:00
  • Report slams Israeli, US rights abuses
    2005-05-26 02:23:00
  • FBI memo tells of Quran incident
    2005-05-26 00:34:00
  • U.S. quietly drops historic arms-control deals from brochure on disarmament
    2005-05-25 04:02:00
  • Amnesty likens Guantanamo Bay to 'gulag'
    2005-05-25 02:15:00
  • Watchdog slams Israel rights abuse
    2005-05-25 01:07:00
  • Amnesty International takes aim at U.S. in annual human rights report
    2005-05-25 00:33:00
  • Israeli troops face murder accusations
    2005-05-25 00:32:00
  • Iraqi patriarch slams US evangelicals
    2005-05-24 02:00:00
  • Israel comes first, says US politician
    2005-05-24 01:57:00
  • Protests mar Sharon's New York trip
    2005-05-22 22:57:00
  • UN says reported U.S. abuse of Afghan prisoners is "utterly unacceptable"
    2005-05-22 01:25:00
  • UN panel scolds Canada over U.S. deportation of Ottawa man to Syria
    2005-05-20 06:18:00
  • British protest reported Quran abuse
    2005-05-20 06:02:00
  • US probes Afghan prison torture
    2005-05-20 03:53:00
  • White House says U.S. suffered lasting damage from Newsweek article
    2005-05-19 04:47:00
  • Muslim woman demands apology from Amazon.com after receiving defiled Qur’an
    2005-05-19 04:37:00
  • 'The West should wash its hands of Karimov'
    2005-05-19 04:35:00
  • Israelis grilled in al-Aqsa attack plot
    2005-05-16 02:14:00
  • Tensions between U.S. and Muslims reaching new highs, say analysts
    2005-05-12 03:20:00
  • South American, Arab leaders endorse declaration on Israel and trade
    2005-05-12 03:17:00
  • US Palestine policy called hypocritical
    2005-05-11 07:17:00
  • Gaza pullout diverting media gaze
    2005-05-11 02:16:00
  • Troops kill 2 at protest over Qur'an desecration
    2005-05-11 02:11:00
  • Blix says U.S. actions suggest it's not committed to nuclear 'bargain'
    2005-05-10 04:53:00
  • Stop enrichment, Blix tells Israel, Iran
    2005-05-10 04:52:00
  • Afghans protest reported desecration of Qur'an at US jail in Guantanamo
    2005-05-10 04:51:00
  • Pro-Israel bias found in US TV news
    2005-05-10 02:18:00
  • EU's Top Human Rights Org calls the US to stop the Guantanmo Bay Abuse
    2005-05-02 07:57:00
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