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Response to racists and religious extremists on Xinjiang, Islam and China

2009-07-09 23:11:09

Imam Abudurekefu Akhond of the China Islamic Assocation also denounced the violence and said: "Uygurs are well known for their hospitality. Those rioters are not representatives of the Uygur people,"  "The Islam creed advocates peace and harmony", he added. "Different ethnic groups should show respect to and learn from each other with mutual understanding."

I also want to add, that no one blamed Buddhism in the Tibetan uprising.  In fact the uprising in Tibet was orchestrated by the "Peaceful" Dalai Lama who has been funded by the CIA for decades, but it was not related to Buddhism in my view.  Unlike some racists and religious extremists, I'm able to view things objectively and speak based on the facts.

It was wrong for the Uighur's to use violence, but it is important to remember that it wasn't every Uighur and every Han who was involved in this violence.  This is where unnecessary conflict starts, when racists and extremists can use the example of members of any group, as being representative of the majority.  This is wrong and has been a long used tactic for racists and religious extremists with an agenda.

However it has nothing to do with Islam, just as in Tibet, this is not about religion.  It is more likely to do with CIA recruits and extremism, and Rebiya Kadeer fits the profile.  She is linked to a terrorist group, yet the US allowed her into the country.  They let Osama Bin Laden in too, so what does this tell you?  It's obvious, that Rebiya Kadeer is in fact working for the US and is probably an Osama/Dalai Lama style recruit for the CIA.

I don't believe any religion is prone to violence or extremism, but I do believe people are prone to violence, and often use religion as a cover to instigate violence to meet their political objectives.

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