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Xinjiang China Controvery over Ramadan and Fasting

2013-07-15 16:28:01

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I am posting this because these articles make it sound like Islam in China is not welcomed or in danger and Muslims are persecuted when I do not believe it is true.  There may be some truth to the articles but I believe it does not go nearly as far as the articles imply.   There are articles from 2011 and recent that are discussing this issue and allegation.  I first of all want to point out that some things do not add up, though in principle I do not agree it's wrong if the allegations are all true, but they are doubtful and here is why:

  1. It is the World Uighur Congress who is the chief reporter of this supposedly happening, the same group accused of the deadly riots in 2009.  I do not trust their statements, just as I do not trust the Free Syrian Army or Al Qaeda.
  2. No proof has been provided by them or anyone. Why is there no video, photographs etc.. if this is really happening?
  3. As has been shown before, China has Muslims throughout the country and there are 13 Ethnic Minorities, most of which are Muslims, yet only Uighur's say they are facing these restrictions.

I do believe there is tight security and restriction in the Xinjiang, in a general sense due to recent instability and violence in various areas.   China would respond this way to any ethnic group or religious group regardless of their background. 

Xinjiang Autonomous Region spokesman Luo Fuyong denied yesterday that the government had imposed restrictions on Ramadan observations.

"We respect [Uygur] religious beliefs and customs - we're very clear on this," Luo said. However, he acknowledged that Uygur pupils, especially those in elementary school, "are discouraged from fasting during Ramadan" for health concerns.


If Luo Fuyong is speaking on a factual basis there would be nothing wrong with this nor would be it be consistent with Islam.

I'd also like to point out that there are 0 reports from other ethnic groups including Muslims throughout China complaining about Ramadan restrictions.  I say this because I have visited China (not Xinjiang) but the major cities and never observed any difficulties.

This is why I believe the reporting is either a half-truth at best based on it being only 1 group of Muslims in one part of the country reporting this.

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