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China orders mosques closed amid ethnic unrest

2009-07-09 22:59:26

Our Comments

It looks like the anti-Islamists have used this opportunity as another way to spread their hate.

If you believe Ivan, no one else but a Muslim has ever been involved in violence.

Further, his comments are very misinformed.  Genital Mutilation is practiced in Africa by both Muslims and Non-Muslims, it is a cultural thing, but once again, it's only wrong if a Muslim does it.

Islam teaches peace and tolerance, if it didn't then every single Muslim would be committing crimes.

I am tired of having racist and religious fanatics using the old ruse that "anything one Muslim does is representative of all Muslims and Islam in general".

Replace Muslim in the above statement with the religious or ethnic background and tell me if that makes any sense?

I never committed any crime in my life, yet there are fanatics who go around spreading hate and misinformation about Islam, which eventually translates into being persecuted simply for being a Muslim.

I've always expressed my views as Muslim, that regardless of your ethnic background, or religion that we should all live peacefully and harmoniously. And further, I've always advocated my strong knowledge of Islam, that there is nothing in our religion that justifies criminal acts, regardless of how the media portrays the words of uneducated extremists as being representative of all Muslims.

Imam Abudurekefu Akhond of the China Islamic Assocation also denounced the violence and said: "Uygurs are well known for their hospitality. Those rioters are not representatives of the Uygur people,"  "The Islam creed advocates peace and harmony", he added. "Different ethnic groups should show respect to and learn from each other with mutual understanding."

Full Article:

Mosques in the riot-hit capital of China's northwestern Xinjiang province have been ordered to stay closed for Friday prayers in the wake of recent ethnic violence, media reports quoted Chinese officials as saying.

An official who identified herself as a government worker but refused to give her name was quoted as saying the decision to close mosques in Urumqi had been made for public safety and that "people should stay at home today and pray."

Separately, officials in the province's southwestern city of Kashgar have told visiting journalists that they and other foreigners had to leave the city.

The city's foreign affairs office said that although the city has had no unrest, the decision was made to ensure the safety of the visitors.

At least 156 people have died in ethnic violence between Han Chinese and minority Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang since Sunday.

The protests started in Urumqi, when demonstrators gathered to demand justice for two Uighurs killed in June during a fight with their Han co-workers at a factory in southern China.

Officials have said that more than 1,000 have been injured and about 1,400 have been detained.

Hundreds of vehicles, stores and street vendor stalls were also damaged or set ablaze during the protests, officials said.

In response to the riot, hundreds of Han Chinese rampaged through the city Tuesday with sticks and meat cleavers, looking for Uighurs and revenge.

The Uighurs, an ethnically Turkic, predominantly Muslim group, make up the majority in Xinjiang.

Their relations have often been tense with the ethnic Han Chinese who predominate in the country. Many Uighurs feel they're discriminated against by the government in Beijing and a Uighur separatist movement has existed for decades.

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