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I concur

2005-10-19 21:10:00
I concur
Nadia, Toronto

Visit www.ifamericansknew.com they have facts pooled together by other organizations. Also read up on Amnesty International’s long list of American violations in regards to Human Rights (and the media had you believe that only Muslim countries were ruthless). It’s strange how CBC makes it a long cover story when a Muslim attacks someone, but will barely mention anything on these other VERY SOLID stories. My suggestion to our Canadian Muslims’, STOP reading, watching and listening to CBC. And if you do, write to them, complain, make your voice heard when there is something wrong. Part of our religion is to stand up when we are being attacked. I’m not saying pick up the sword and become yet another Muslim idiot, but pick up that pen, make that phone call. Do what you can to help our community and the generations after. I mean how much coverage did you see on CBC about the Guantanamo Bay incident of American and British soldiers flushing Quran’s down the toilet? Yeh, VERY LITTLE. But how much coverage did you see of the Iraqi insurgents killing one or two Soldiers; it was plastered everywhere. Why isn't anyone from CBC going out to the Muslim community and actually asking questions. IF they did, they would find that Muslims are a peaceful people, who contribute thousands each year to charity to Muslim and non-Muslim organizations. I just want people in Canada to know that Muslims are not terrorists, often we're the one's being terrorized. Please, PLEASE, do something. Put in one sentence, it makes all the difference in the world to add 'Islam does not preach hate’. Every single Muslim has the power and ability to take that small time out and do what’s right. Otherwise you can’t complain about what’s happening in the Muslim world. You’re sitting by and allowing it.

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